Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coming to the end

Yesterday as I walked on my lunch hour I begin to think about the year coming to a close. I started thinking about where Jim and I are in 2009 from where we were in 2002. In January of 2002 living 3 hours from any family, a huge mortgage, a 6 year old and a 1 year old we both became unemployed on the same day. A day I'll never forget it was Jan 4th. As our world begin to turn upside down it was also very apparent that God was at work. See we had been praying for months that something major would open up an opportunity for us to move back closer to family. And then like a numbing cold wind there we were with exactly what we had been praying for a MAJOR opportunity. And as we go into 2010 I think of how God has seen our family through so much change over the past 8 years. How God has grown Jim and I spiritually closer to Him. How God has blessed us with our little Zack. How God supplied all our needs from the sale of our house in 2002 to finding the perfect home for our family of 5 in 2005. God has seen us through every circumstance in our life. He has taken us from unsecure jobs to where we are today, with great jobs. God has blessed us with the means for Jim and I to not only provide for our family but also for the precious little girl we have claimed in Ghana Africa little Emma(nuella). As this year comes to an end and our 2010 begins my prayer to our God of all, is that our family will continue in God's blessings and that we will walk closer to Him than ever before through our Savior Jesus Christ. Stepping out on our faith knowing that God will never let us fall. He may allow moments of failure but He will never let us fall. Actually regardless of what happens in our life the lose of jobs, homes, come what may is it really failure as long as God is with us? His word says if God is for us who can be against us. God is always here to catch us and hold us come whatever may. Through the storms of life God will never leave us.
Where ever you are in life I wish you a wonderful New Year filled with the peace of Jesus Christ.
In Christ love,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Special Christmas Gift

This year my family and I have decided on a very special Christmas present. We have chosen to sponsor a precious little girl through Compassion International. Her name is Emmanuella. Her name is long so the boys and I have decided in our home to call her Emma. Emma is 3 years old and lives in Ghana Africa with her mommy and daddy and 4 other children in their family. Emma lives in an aids infected area of Africa. My heart is so full this morning. I look around at my life and see so many blessings that God has allowed me to have. I see God's grace (unearned undeserved favor) on my entire life. I'm so thankful that when God begin to work on my heart back last year about sponsoring a child in poverty that I continued to listen to God's voice deep in my heart through the year. I'm thankful that when I presented this idea to my family it was accepted with open arms. I explained to Jim and the boys that if this is something that we should do that I had prayed to God that we would all agree and if not than we were not to sponsor a child. Jim and each of the boys agreed and there were tears shed last night as I explained about little Emma and her life and where she lives. The boys said that she's the little girl we never had.... and maybe she is just that. Maybe God blessed my life with 3 amazing sons and a small beautiful little girl from Africa who is blessed with her very own mommy but whom will now have lots of love and prayers coming to her from me and my family.
Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me and my family with so much in our life. Thank you for giving us the ability to share with this beautiful little precious baby girl named Emmanuella Kyia. May you surround her and her family with a shield of protection and the peace of your love.

A wish of peace and joy in your life this Christmas season.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishing you sweet Christmas blessings.

As Christmas comes near. I can't help but thank God for the Christmas gifts I already have. I have a wonderful husband, 3 healthy boys, lots of family and friends, and a loving Savior. What more could a red head from Tennessee possibly want? This Christmas season everywhere I look it seems that God is showing me the need to be more compassionate, more understanding, more generous to those in need. This year I am praying over a decision that has been laid on my heart and one that I'm hoping to have my entire family be part of with their whole-hearts. I feel extremely lead to be a Compassion International sponsor. I've never sponsored a needy child in my life. Don't get me wrong I've made donations and bought angel tree gifts, but I'm talking about making the effort and sacrifice to be a sponsor to a young child who is in need day after day and week after week. It's easy to feel sorry for children who are living without and in poverty. But it's just as easy to turn your head and think that there is really nothing we can do to make a difference. I believe that sometimes it's not about how big of a difference you make but more about the difference that being obedient can make on you. The rewards from giving with a compassionate heart I don't think can ever be measured. So this Christmas I would like to encourage you to take time to give the greatest gift we can personally give to anyone..... prayer! It has no monetary value but the value is unmeasurable. May your Christmas be full of sweet blessings and wonderful moments of memories, most of all may your Christmas be filled with the love of Christ.

With love,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas spirit shows up on lunch hour

Last week while shopping at Wal-Mart on my lunch hour the manager came over the loud speaker and said, "To show our customers appreciation for your business today up front we have several racks of bubble jackets & vest for merely $5 each. Of course all of us valued customers swormed the racks looking for sizes and trying on vest & jackets. Before I knew what I was doing I had seveal vest in my buggy. I was looking at them as Christmas gifts... and even grabbed a cute chocolate color one for myself. As I was heading to the check out counter I was reminded of this truth. That it is the Christmas season and as much as yes I have presents I want to get for friends and family there is a much greater need. I was reminded that there is a little brother and sister whom are in need of warm clothes and homeless people that we are going to be passing out blankets and coats for. Inside my buggy was not a single item for any of them. As a matter of fact up to that moment I had not even given them the first thought as I was busy looking at colors and sizes. As soon as these thoughts were laid on my heart I stopped turned my buggy around and without a moments hesitation very excitedly a began to put all my cute bubble vest back on the rack and started looking for coats for my soon to meet homeless, and coats for that precious brother and sister whom I will never meet but I can imagine them both receiving warm gifts at Christmas time and just being so thrilled with each item they receive. I can't explain the excitement I had in my heart and the feeling of humbleness at the same time. Excitement that I could get these coats and humbleness that for no reason of my own God has blessed me that I may help those less fortunate, and also humble that I needed God's quiet reminder in my heart to think about those in need.
I have to tell you that lunch hour will be one I will long remember. A normal day at work a normal trip to Wal-Mart turning into an enormous moment with God.
Thank you Lord for continuing to steer my heart and guide me in the way of selfless acts of compassion and love.
May all of you have an encounter with our Lord and Savior Jesus this Christmas season. After all He is the true reason for Christmas.
Joy, peace, love to you all,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Life moment

Yesterday Jim and I met a precious elderly couple at the oncologist office. As we set there waiting to see the doctor about the next steps we will be taking with Jim's hemochromatosis we joined in conversation with that sweet couple. As the 4 of us spoke in that waiting room. We learned they have been married for 64 years. That the man had just been diagnosed with lung cancer. That he thinks his wife is an angel and that she has washed many pairs of socks for him over the years. We learned that the cost of his medication is $4500.00 for a 30 day supply. And about how they have sold alot of stuff around their 80 acre (now 40 acre farm) to afford his medication. And we saw how scared a precious lady is about the possibility of loosing her adored husband. But the biggest thing we learned about this couple that we will probably never see again is that they both have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. The elderly man (whom reminded me of my grandpa) said these words," I'm not scared. I don't like it, but I'm not worried because the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is still my God and he has never changed and will never change. As they were called back to the doctor I felt such an urge to do something for this couple so as the lady walked by behind her husband I stood up and said it has been such a pleasure speaking with you both and I hugged her. Not a fast see you later hug, but a real I feel for you, I'm sorry your going through this hug. We both let go with tears in our eyes and as they went through the door I said to my husband what a precious couple they are. He agreed and we both set there quietly I know we were both reflecting on the conversation we had just had. I set there and realized I have the power through Jesus to do something very important for that couple.... to lift them both up in prayer to my Heavenly Father God. So as the days pass I will be praying over this couple. And may our time with them even so brief of a moment be a lasting memory of how important life moments can be.
With love in Christ,

Friday, November 6, 2009

November Christmas

So what do you think about having Christmas starting in November? I know what your thinking... what about Thanksgiving???? Well for years I thought the same thing. Don't put up the Christmas tree until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Don't start any Christmas preparation until after Thanksgiving. But maybe it's getting older (you know they say you get wiser as you get older, don't they say that?) Any who... It occurred to me this week that Thanksgiving and Christmas should really be one huge season wrapped in love together. Stay with me for a minute and I'll explain my thinking. We would all agree that the Thanksgiving season is a time of giving thanks and being thankful. The Christmas season is a time of remembering and celebrating the birth of Christ. It seems to me that we should be thankful all the time and we should celebrate our Jesus everyday not just one day a year in rememberance of His birth. We should really be thankful for Jesus everyday of the week. And we should live our lives to show our continued thankfulness. So for me and my family this year we've decided to mix the two seasons together. To spend this season being thankful for our blessings, and most of all for the unearned undeserved favor from God we have been given in Jesus Christ. So if you show up at our house next week you'll probably find us knee deep in Christmas decorations and a huge Christmas tree. So what do you think about mixing our nativity scene with yellow, orange & brown from our Thanksgiving pumpkins & leaves. I can just see a peace in surrounding baby Jesus in our Thanksgiving.
All for Jesus,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tootsie Rolls

Last night was a GREAT class in our youth group for me. I have been praying over our youth and their interest, and their attendance on Wed nights. Have you ever tried to talk to a bunch of teenagers on a teaching level? Let me tell you without them saying anything at all you can start feeling very alone and inadequate for the task as you try to bring them a lesson out of God's word. And then, God gave me an exciting idea.... "TOOTSIE ROLLS" Last night as class started with great Christian music from the group Pillar and a strobe light spinning around the room I had a surprise hidden under the podium. As the music ended & the strobe light turned off we started class. When we got to the point of me throwing out a question as usual (dead silence) no one had a response....are you serious QUIET teenagers. This time I was ready with the help of prayer. And so, I reached for the tootsie roll bag. Basically the deal was if they answered questions and gave me & the class feed back and discussion on our topic they would be thrown a tootsie roll. Let me tell you I have discovered the secret of getting teenagers to interact with you in a class setting..... feed them junk food. Class was great we talked about our topic living proof by simply living. In otherwards walkin the walk and talkin the talk in Christ. And my small group of teenagers last night had alot to say.
I thank God for giving me such a great idea to spike their interest. Sure it was for tootsie rolls but guess what regardless of what gets a person to sit under God's word to start with once your under it his word WILL NOT return void!!!!! How cool is that!!!
As always thanks for stopping by the GRILL and I hope your leave a comment. Look forward to meeting back here again real soon.
All for Christ,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

God answers quiet gentle prayers.

Can I share some real thoughts with you today? We lost my mother-in-law this past January to leukemia but primarily and most importantly God called her home. The last couple of weeks I have really been missing her. She's been very much in my daily thoughts. Sunday after church Jim and I were discussing his dad who is currently taking treatment for cancer himself. And we began talking about his mom. As we spoke about Jim's parents I realized in my thoughts that since his mom past away I have not had a single dream about her. I began to think about how much comfort it would be to see her, to speak to her, to hug her again. And I had a quiet moment just thinking to myself and to my Heavenly Father who knows my every thought my every desire my every need. Last night which was Monday night I dreamed the sweetest dreams about my mother-in-law. I saw her I spoke to her I hugged her and she hugged me. I felt her as real as typing these words now. When I awoke I was so rested and as I got ready for work it occurred to me that God had blessed me last night in my dreams with the desire of my heart. To be near my sweet loving friend and mother-in-law again. I thank my God for gentle quiet prayers being answered.
Thanks for sharing in this blessing with me. And come on back to the grill again.
With love in Christ,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prayer and pool playing

Yesterday on my way home from work I was praying and seeking a word from God. I was sincerely asking God's forgiveness because of the time and energey I waste every day while asking God for more time. I was speaking with my God and asking Him to please help me to see my opportunities especially with my precious family. Why is it we sometimes save our best for the outside world and give the peope we love what is leftover.... and isn't that true with how we often give the leftover to God too. Not that we mean to. I'm convinced that I don't deliberately often fall asleep talking with God at night. I don't deliberately tell my children to wait while I watch the television. I don't deliberately fall asleep on my husband while he's sharing his thoughts of the day. So as I was sharing these feelings with God and humbly asking Him to show me the moments I don't take I pulled into our drive God began instantly to show me the desire of my heart's prayer. There Jim and Zack were walking across the yard toward the barn to get Zack's little 4 wheeler out. Instead of turning off the car and running inside to start dinner "I STOPPED" I watched a precious site Zack swinging his arms and shaking his head in a very deep, real, and enthusiastic conversation with his daddy. What a beautiful site. And just now it occurred to me how wonderful it would be if everyday I talked that real that deep that enthusiastic with my arms swinging to my heavenly Father. Thank you Lord for giving me this thought.

Back to last night. I went in and Jim came through the house he said he was heading to the barn to shoot pool. Once again God gave me that small voice that said, "STOP" go shoot pool with him. And I did. (NOT WELL but I was there and we were having fun.) Toward the end of the game the boys came up in the top of the barn and grabbed pool sticks and we all played a round of pool together. It was a great moment that had I not taken time to "STOP" I would have missed such a beautiful blessing on such a normal regular Tuesday evening. I encourage you and myself to "STOP" more often. Start by "STOPPING" for a quiet time with our Lord. "STOP" to really listen and see our husband. "STOP" to truly hear and watch our children. "STOP" to hear God in our lives. Thank you so much for "STOPPING" by the grill today. Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ.
All 4 my Jesus,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facing big task by saying yes to the little ones.

I'm going to share some real life with you this morning. If your reading this today and have ever been here with me leave me a comment and let me know I'm not all alone. In June of 2007 at the age of 33 I rededicated my life to my Lord my Savior Jesus Christ. Since then I've been praying (sometimes stronger than other times) that God would use me in a big way for His glory. Over and over I would pray that over myself and even over my family, over my husband over my children. That we would be used in great ways for God's glory for His kingdom. Over and over and it seemed that God was not listening, or not wanting me to do anything. And because I didn't see task as important or I didn't here drums and see rockets flying to announce that God was about to use me I past them by. I said no over and over while at the exact same time asking God to please use me, and even on some occassions I would take on the task but not to the fullest of my ability. As a matter of fact alot of the time not realizing what I was doing I would handle it by myself without consulting my God at all. And then when the task was completed I would still be left feeling as though God is just not using me YET. AND THEN... this week God showed up and clearly gave me this truth. That yes He loves me, yes He can use me and will but I have to say yes when he calls. EVEN on the smallest jobs. There are no small jobs for God's glory. I have probably heard that over and over but it wasn't until this week this time that I understood the truth behind the meaning. God may have big plans for this woman but if I can't act on the small plans how can He use me for bigger. So I say today that in everything I do may I truly do it for my God's glory. And may God use me however He desires. Big or small ... the size of the job isn't important it's the size of my heart that matters.
All 4 Christ,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let me tell ya!

This weekend was God filled. I was blessed with spending Friday and Saturday with 10 wonderful women from our church. As we headed out in one mighty full church van on our way Memphis the weather was rainy and windy, but we had an AWESOME Jesus guiding us the whole way. Not to mention a great lady named Joan behind the wheel. We showed up checked into our hotel and headed to grab a bite before going to the Living Proof Live conference with Beth Moore. The food was good the conference was incredible. There was 13,300 women in the Fedex Forum in Memphis and about oh I would say 10 men. It was a weekend filled with most of all God, laughter, encouragement, and a new awareness of what God is like according to Exodus 34. It was great to hear such a motivational Godly speaker and even better to receive a Godly message spoken directly to my very own heart. God gave me a new awareness that as much as I ask Him to grow me spiritually to lead & guide me to change me from the inside out through Jesus Christ and His holy spirit. He said very clearly to me over the course of this weekend. If I want Him to lead me I've got to be willing to chase after Him through all situations. So as I allow this newness of chasing after my God sink in to my heart and soul. I pray that I will be living proof of God's abounding love, compassion, grace, and forgiveness in my daily life walk. If your checking out the grill today let me know by leaving a comment. I'd love to hear from you.
In love with Christ Jesus,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

What makes a wonderful Wednesday? For me it's simple. I woke up on time... of course after a snooze alarm. Laid out my clothes last night by this morning I was not interested in wearing that just ironed top so here I go searching for the perfect Wednesday top that of course needed ironed. Ok so are we sounding wonderful yet? An hour later I'm ready.. well nearly no shoes, no coordinating matching jewelry because of course the jewelry that I laid out matched the original planned outfit that I'm no longer wearing. So as I jump into shoes matching jewelry and running thru turning on everyone's bedroom lights saying good morning time to get up guys. I begin to wake up the youngest... he may only be 4 but at 6:15 in the morning he has a VERY grown up attitude. As I'm trying with much effort to dress him he's trying with as much effort to not get dressed. Ok so we finally have him dressed and off to the bathroom we go to brush teeth & hair. DONE! Oh forgot about my breakfast of 2 pieces whole-wheat toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter and my cappachino to go. As I round the corner to the kitchen... there he is my Wonderful husband with bread in the toaster and a spoon stirring my cup of hot cappachino to go. It's now 6:25 I'm now 10 minutes late out the door. As I grab a purse, lunch bag, breakfast sandwich, cappachino, Zack, Zack's shoes ( because at 6:25 in the morning this little 4 year old does not intend on wearing shoes), his bear named pickles (pickles goes everywhere with us), his blue rag and I kiss my sweet handsome husband and out the door we go. Oh no at the van I realize the doors are locked as I'm trying to maneuver all the items in my arms to reach for my keys which are buried deep in that huge purse without dropping my son. I look up and there he is again, my adorable sweet handsome husband. He takes several items out of my arms helps me find the keys stuffs all my items in the front passenger seat as I buckle Zack in the car seat in the back. I kiss him again and he says I'm beautiful. I climb into the driver seat and head out of the driveway. Jim is left with 2 older sleeping children to wake up and make sure are ready and eat breakfast before they leave the house in about 20 minutes. Sound like a wonderful Wednesday to you? So in all the craziness what makes it wonderful? My husband! Jim being there at just the right moment to encourage me to help me to take part of my load this morning. It was a wonderful Wednesday morning. That's what we are suppose to do. We are suppose to be helpers and encouragers to our spouses. And when we do that for one another everyday can be a wonderful Wednesday.
Dear God thank you so much for blessing me with such a wonderful husband. For giving us 3 amazing children and for allowing us to know Jesus Christ in our lives and in our heart. May we be the family in Christ that you desire us to be.
If your reading at the grill today I'd love to hear from you. May your day regardless of how it started be a Wonderful Wednesday.
Check out my new memory verse: Romans 15:13
All in Christ,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday's thought

Good morning and thanks for stopping by the grill. I read a story today about someone who took the time to buy a cup of coffee for a homeless person and actually set down and had a conversation with that person. It got me to thinking... would I ever do something so kind so giving so self sacrificing so humbling? The answer I discovered is not nearly as beautiful as I would like to say it was. The true reality is when I took a real look at this question I would be scared and too afraid to do such a wonderful gesture. Have you ever asked yourself a really hard question like that and got back a shocking reality check. The point is if I am not answering the way I would like to think I would then I need to do some searching into this feeling of scared freight. God doesn't intend for us to be scared and afraid. We are to have a reverent fear of God but not of anything else. God loves us and wants to grow us in our walk with him. So when we are faced with opportunities that may lead us to those feelings of scaredness and of being afraid pray and listen to the quiet still voice from God. If we truly want to handle something thru the grace of God he will not only be with us through the opportunity but in alot of cases he will CARRY us thru the opportunity. It's important to rememeber that when we give our lives to Christ we are never alone in our day, in our decisions, in our choices, or in our opportunities to show Christ love. As fall starts up and the season begins to show signs of change let's take a deep look at ourselves and ask God to change us during this season too. A change that is obvious to everyone around us of the grace, mercy and love that Christ has in and through our lives.
Hope to see you back here at the grill real soon.
In Christ I'm not alone,

Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday night LIVE

It's been a while since I've had a chance to blog. We have been very blessed with all the flu and sickness going around right now our family has been well. We had an eventful weekend. We spent all day cleaning out our barn and garage. By the end of the day Jim and I were both pooped and glad to be able to sit back and enjoy our just installed direct TV. After tucking the boys in we headed for bed around 10pm. In no time we were both sound asleep. What happened next will long be remembered by both of us. Around midnight we were awoken to police beating on our bedroom window shining flashlights and screaming sheriff's dept come to the door. As you can imagine we both jumped up scared to death and went running to the door. When Jim opened the door he was faced with guns drawn. Talk about scary. After about a second one of the officers recognized him and they put the guns away. They were of course at the wrong house. They were looking for the neighbors house because of a call they received about someone threatening suicide. Needless to say we were wide awake most of the remainder of the night. But you know in the midst of all the chaos I know that my family is even more blessed than we realize. God is lord of all and how awesome it is to know that you and your family have a relationship with the maker and creator of everything. He holds it all together by His grace and mercy and through His son Jesus Christ we can be forgiven and freed to live a life of love, peace and joy. If your reading this today and have a really crazy story to tell about something interesting that has happened in your life I would love to hear from you. Have a great day.
All 4 Jesus,

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I have to say this summer has zoomed by! I'm not ready for fall or winter. I love summer time it's my favorite time of the year. I'm glad I live in a place where we experience all 4 seasons but I have always enjoyed summer the very best. I seem to have been in a fog the last few weeks. For some reason I have been feeling out of sorts. No reason why just that feeling like your not connecting well with people or situations. Then last weekend, as I'm busy in my own little world of moving bedrooms so that our 2 youngest children will no longer be sharing their bedrooms but will have the pleasure of having their very own spaces, I begin to have revealed to me that my disconnect stems from my lack of time in prayer and and in God's word the last few weeks. The longer this week went the more God has laid on my heart that my disconnection has been the people around me it has been my disconnect in my relationship with my Heavenly Father God. By Wed I was asking God to please make arrangements for our entire family to be at church that night. Sure enough being the merciful loving God He is it rained Wed and there fore Alex (our oldest son) was not able to work after school so for the first time in a LONG time all 5 of us were at church. We have missed the last couple of Sundays so it was wonderful to be there Wed night together. We were kicking off TeamKid for the children so it was great to have the boys in on the kick off of that program.
As summer draws to an end and the beauty of fall begins I pray that God will instill in me the urgency and desire to committ every thing to Him and to truly surrender all of my heart, mind & soul for His glory and purpose over my life. May I step back and allow Jesus to lead me.
Happy Labor Day & may fall bring us fallen deeper into God's Holy Word.
All 4 Him,

Monday, August 17, 2009

What a wonderful weekend.

What a wonderful weekend! Our entire family was home the whole weekend. We had no plans and no prior engagements. What a relaxing time in our house. We spent alot of time around our swimming pool this weekend. God blessed us with 2 days of beautiful sunshine. Jim had to remind me this weekend what a blessing it was to be home together with no obligations. I have realized that if I'm not careful when God gives me beautiful sunshine days with my husband and children I will loose site of the moment and try to fill that time with house work and chores. I'm thankful for the reminder Jim gave me and for the weekend that we were blessed with. Wonderful sunshine, grilled perfect steaks, Sunday evening spent with friends and a more meat off the grill.
Thank you God for blessing me even when I sometimes fail to appreciate the moment. You are an awesome loving, forgiving, gracious, God and I pray that you will continue to lay on my heart to appreciate each day for the day you have made for me and my family.
All 4 Him,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Settling in

I apologize that I haven't had a chance to write lately. We've had alot of things going on around the Walker home. I'm settling in with my new company. And I'm very greatful for the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. We have started back to school. Alex in high school and Ty in the 4th grade. Both are venturing in new chapters in their academic careers. Alex is a freshman so it's about getting thru the halls and finding all his classes. Ty is changing classes for each subject. He is excited about that and so far is loving the 4th grade. Football season has started for us so Jim and I are passing at the door most evenings. But next weekend the 22nd will be our 11th anniversary. Keep that in your prayers because we have football jamborree that day but in the hustle of football and being parents I hope to get time alone with me incredible handsome husband of 11 years. God has blessed my life so greatly in giving me such a wonderful person to share my every day with. He's my very best friend and that is something I treasure. I hope August finds all of you well and as the summer begins to come to an end I pray that this fall will have us each falling deeper in our relationship with Christ Jesus. Let's decide today to make a commitment to fall a little each day. Fall a little more into our prayer time, fall a little more into our Bible time, fall a little more into the glory of our Jesus.
All 4 Him,

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hey everybody. Thanks for dropping by. Well it's been an emotional week for me. I'm so excited about my new employment opportunity, and at the exact same time I'm sad about leaving the relationships & friends I have at my current company. I look forward to what God is opening up for me. I've got a confession to make. I have not spent the time with God the last few weeks that I need to. I've aloud other things take the place of that much needed alone time with him. So my plan I hope to spend all day tomorow alone just me and my Jesus. Reading his word (outside by the pool of course) and spending time in prayer and just listening to God's small still voice. I pray that I will really spend the day devoted to being no where else in my thoughts or actions than setting at the feet of Jesus. Wouldn't it be AWESOME to be with Jesus everyday. We are if we have a relationship with him. I sometimes forget that because he isn't here in the physical sense where I can see him, touch him, but when I stop and really talk to Jesus I can FEEL him.
If I can leave this blog today with one thought it would be make sure your happy. Happiness means different things to different people but even if life isn't perfect (and it never will be on this earth) we can be happy knowing that if we live with Jesus in our hearts and we stay walking closely with Him in all things we can be happy in our life.
Have a blessing today. Just look up and thank God for where ever you are today.
All 4 Him,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a trip!

We've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to update our site. First let me say that our trip to Panama City Beach with our youth group from church was nothing more than AMAZING! God showed up and showed out! It was an awesome time of study, worship, praise & play. Jim and I had the most incredible time with all the kids (young adults.) Every day was sure to be VERY eventful. You never knew if the day would consist several rounds of the game apples to apples, catching sand crabs with a dixie cup, volleyball, sun tans, finding a fish in one of the girls bathing suit (that was hysterical)! We had worship with another church youth group from Columbiana AL. WOW! we were 2 different denominations coming together to worship 1 God and all I can say is WOW!!! It was just awesome. There was no denominational barriers between us. We were not Baptist & Methodist.... we were brothers & sisters in Christ worshiping Him in all heart, mind, & soul together in unison. And it was AWESOME! It was 5 days of God filled moments. I felt that I came home with a WHOLE group (15 to be exact) new children of my very own. God blessed me with 3 biological boys, but after our trip and time together God laid on my heart that he has also blessed me with 15 adopted youth as well. What a wonderful time in the Lord. I thank God that I had the opportunity to be part of that youth event and look forward to many more if God wills Jim and I to be part of future trips. If you have never spent time with your church youth or any youth group for that matter, I encourage you to do so. As much as I pray they learned and understood more about God and His Word & Will for us. I am very much aware that those kids showed me and taught me so much during our time together. I think as adults we sometimes forget that kids also can teach us just like we can teach them. They are great!!
Got home last Monday from the trip and left last Thursday for Gulf Shores. We met Jim's sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew & his dad down there. This was the first family vacation we have all been on together. I am so thankful we had that opportunity with all of them. Alex was not able to go he was at his dad's so I missed him not being there and hated that he was missing all the things we did together. And I also missed Jim's mom. She would have loved being at the water park with us watching Zack in the little kid playplace. I could see her sitting in a chair in the shade just watching him, or sitting down in the water while he ran all over that part sliding down all the baby slides. I miss her.

Catching everyone up on the Walker house. I have recently accepted a new job offer with a different company. Please be in prayer for us over this new venture in our lives. It's with a Christian based company and I'm really excited about where that may lead in my walk daily walk with Christ. Very funny I had been praying over this offer and asking God to give me a black or white answer. You know one of those answers where God firmly tells you what to do. Well as you would imagine the answer never came. And I was really struggling with why God wasn't showing me what decision to make. And then during the interview process the gentleman I was interviewing with started talking to me about witnessing to an employee and leading him to Christ. In the moment of the whole interview as wonderful as that was I didn't realize that was confirmation for me. It was later when I got home and I'm sharing everything with my husband and asking his opinion about what I should do and saying I wish God would show me. Jim spoke up and said, "Angela I think God showed up and showed you and your not taking a moment to see it." He reminded me how much over the past few years I've had an urge to be more on fire at work for God, to be more willing to speak up and out about my Savior, and when God opens the door to talk to people about Jesus Christ. And then Jim said I think him sharing that story with you during your interview just might have been God's confirmation. As I sat there and replayed the conversation in my head I realized that man did not have to share that story with me, but he did. And then I realized God had spoken to me. I'm excited and anxious at my new career opportunity. God has perfect timing and I believe he works all things for His glory. I'm now training my replacement at work and she's going to be wonderful for my current company. She had been out of work for 2 months. God is always opening doors. My leaving this company after nearly 8 years has opened an opportunity for employment for her. God is great.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Walking with Jesus

Good morning & thanks for stopping by the GRILL! Well today is the day I've decided to start an exercise program.....YIKES & YUCK! I know what your probably thinking ...yeah right for a week if I'm lucky. Maybe it'll last a week maybe longer, but for today the important thing is I'm starting. Last night at VBS my children got really cool rubber bracelets that say "walking with JESUS" and have feet prints all around the bracelet. I'm wearing one of them today. As I started this post and looked at my bracelet I thought how funny that the day I decide to start walking I'm wearing a walking with Jesus bracelet. One of my favorite scripture verses, and the first verse I ever memorized is Phil 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" So as I put on my walking shoes later today and begin that exercise journey I will not be alone... because with Christ in my heart where ever I go what ever I do I'll be "WALKING WITH JESUS"
Have a blessed day and what ever your plans are today take Jesus with you.
All 4 Him,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VBS rocks -socks

Well it's been a wild week. We have VBS at church every night this week. So it's been rush home from work, sandwiches or pizza, and away we go. We are all having such a good time at VBS. Alex is 14 now so he is no longer in VBS he is a helper so he's really liking his new role. And we all look great in our neon yellow VBS T-shirts! lol Ty & Zack are having fun and we are all learning so much. I've learned just in the 1st 2 days that nursery age children can RUN much faster than you would imagine, I've learned that blue punch is very sticky when spilt on your flip-flop & foot, I've learned that no matter how many times young children are told to throw beans in a bucket there is always that moment when they are going to decide to eat them, I've learned that water sports are great, but you should be sure everyone has a change of clothes, I've learned that there is nothing more fun about a new pair of socks than everyone throwing them all at once at your Pastor!! And most of all most importantly I've learned that sometimes even when you don't think any of those little faces are paying attention as they run around and jump and refuse to sit still to hear the Bible lesson, they are hearing more than you realize, like who was in the boat with Peter... JESUS, and who does JESUS love.... everybody. This week has been so great this far and I know God will continue to bless everyone involved with VBS and to HIM be all the glory.
If you run out of fun summer activities I'm telling you try throwing socks at people it's a BLAST! (preferrably not a pair that has spent the day on someone's feet... yuck!)
All 4 Him,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heart Condition

So glad you took time to stop by the GRILL! If this is your first time to hang out with us you might want to go back and check out our very first post. It just kind of gives you an understanding of where the title of our blog comes from "The GRILL!"
So much happening here in the next few days it's hard to see how it will all get done, but thankfully God is with us through all things.
I felt that I had to share the last few weeks with you. That's why I titled today heart condition. I received a great word of encouragment this morning and in reading it God laid strongly on my heart that I have unknowingly but VERY willingly given myself a heart condition the last few weeks. Conditioning in positive form is GREAT like hair conditioner (would'nt want to shower without it), and air conditioner (can't imagine living without it). But this morning I'm speaking of heart condition or the lack of conditioning my heart. God gave me this morning a view of the last couple of weeks in my life. I've been tired, anxious, frustrated, aggravated, bitter, antzy, nervous, and way to talkative. You know what I realized this morning I have NOT been? I've NOT been thankful, prayerful, forgiving, or quietly listening. God showed me this morning that most of my problems have been due to the lack of conditioning I have given to my heart. What I know is that for my mind & body to be full of joy, kindness, compassion, & understanding I've got to condition myself (my heart) with the right conditioning product. I need in God's word MORE than I have allowed myself to be the last few weeks, I need more prayer time than I've taken the last few weeks, and I need more quiet time to hear from God than I've given Him or myself the last few weeks. It has occurred to me that the things I reguard as issues and headaches are merely circumstances that I have not allowed God to condition me for because I've been too busy in my own strength and power (lack of power) to allow God to give me strength and to show me his mercy through all things.
So as I end todays blog I'm heading to the restroom here at work for a one on one prayer meeting with my God who is always waiting patiently for me even when I'm too busy in myself to stand still. Have a beautiful day and remember it's not the circumstances that will grow us in Christ like character it's about the choices we make through the circumstances that will grow us in Christ or keep us in ourselves.
All 4 Him,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great day!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by! I titled this post Great day! You know Monday we had storms and tornado warnings, yesterday we had hazy skies that looked as if storms were headed our way, this morning we woke to loud thunder and bright flashing lightning. So what makes this a great day? Well we WOKE. God allowed my family and I to have another day together. We woke to stormy weather and just like turning on the light so I can see what to wear in the dark hours before daybreak. God switched a light on our weather and now the sun is shining. Will it be stormy later? Possibly but I hope that God grows me daily to recognize that even through the storms it can be a great day! Let me update everyone on what's been going on with us. My dad had eye surgery last week. So please be in prayer about that. We go back to the doctor today to find out how his eye is doing. Right now he has no vision in it. Also, my mom had heart test ran on Monday so please be in prayer about her results. We are gearing up for VBS next week and then the following week we'll be leaving on our youth trip. Exciting happenings just around the corner so I pray for health, endurance, and a heart of worship through it all. *A GREAT HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY HUSBAND & DAD OF OUR 3 CHILDREN, SHOUT OUT TO MY DAD OF 35 YEARS AND A SHOUT OUT TO ALL YOU DADS* *HAPPY FATHER'S DAY THIS SUNDAY!
All 4 Him,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Needing prayer.

Hey guys I almost forgot in my earlier post today. Please be in prayer for our youth group. And be in prayer for the other couple that's going to help with the youth and for Jim & myself. Jim and I both feel that we are suppose to be part of helping and assisting in our youth right now, but we have never lead teenagers before. As a matter of fact we have only been parents to a teenager for nearly 2 years. So I pray that God will bring our next youth pastor soon but until then we pray that he will guide all of us as we begin to learn together. We have such a great teenage group.
By the way changing the subject Ty has a mohawk. YEP... he's been wanting one for a couple of years and as the parents to that adorable 81/2 year old we decided to go ahead and let him have it. It's cute, he carries it well. Besides it's a great hairstyle for FOOTBALL!!!! Thanks for the prayers & visit us again. We are always close by the GRILL!
All 4 HIM, Angela


Well last night we said good-bye to our youth Pastor & his wife & family. We all shared in watching a great slide show of pictures that make up the last 21/2 yrs with them & lots of pizza. It was a great time of fellowship as different people shared memories and thoughts. I'm so glad Jim and I have had the opportunity to be with them over the past several months and to get to know them even better. We are all going to miss them but we truly wish them the very best God has in store for their family.
You know it's so easy to sit now and think of all the things I would have liked to of said last night. I spoke but it's funny nothing I said came out right. I'm so glad that God blessed our lives with this family. The encouragement and love that they have shared with our church is wonderful and they will be missed.
It seems like we are beginning lots of different chapters in our family this season. With Alex graduating 8th grade, our friends & youth pastor moving, me going on my 1st youth trip, Jim becoming a volunteer fireman. Speaking of that I had the opportunity to meet several of the fireman that he works with last night on our way home. We ran by the fire station and I was introduced to what seem to be some really great guys. We got home late but we managed to get everyone into bed and Jim and I got up on time this morning. So today has started off GREAT! I read a passage yesterday Phil 4:8 (paraphrasing) think of things from God and the peace of God will be with you. I love the thought of God's peace being with me. Maybe it's not waking up on time that makes today great at all, maybe it's the conversation I had this morning with God on my way to work. YEP! I bet that's it . Have a wonderful day!
All 4 HIM, Angela

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Day

I'm so glad you decided to stop by the grill!! I'm excited that June is here. Not so excited to be turning another year older, but feeling fortunate to have the opportunity to have another birthday the 11th of this month. We are looking forward to getting our pool open hopefully this coming weekend. We have so much fun family time around that swimming pool every summer. Today has been such a great Tuesday. I started this week off spending much needed time with God each morning. I would encourage you to spend time everyday even if just for 10minutes reading God's word. So far this week I have spent 30minutes at lunch reading about Paul in the book of Acts. And then taking a 30minute. WOW!! the activities combined are really making a difference in my days. So what a concept rest & the Lord. I believe Jesus said (paraphrasing) Come to me all who are burdened and I'll give you rest. Read the Word then take a nap !! It's great. Have a blessed day and remember to live for Christ, He died for you.
All 4 HIM, Angela

Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to our GRILL

Hey ya'll. I'm so glad you stopped by. If you had a chance to read my blog from yesterday you'll know this week has been rough. But you know what I realized last night? I've allowed the circumstances of this week to control my attitude. Instead of allowing God to give me peace & joy throughout my circumstances I've spent the whole week with my God on the side and just running crazy with frustration and negative thoughts. I have asked God for his help this week and then not even given him an inch to work his will into my life this week. I've hogged up all the room with my bad attitude and mood. I had a conversation with my aunt last night who is SO excited her oldest child is graduating high school tonight. She's thrilled and wanted to share that with me and to talk about how proud she is of her child and all 3 of her children. In the middle of our conversation she was talking about how she had been crying before she called because of the new chapter her daughter will be starting and then she said, I just had to call Angel (that's what my family call me) because she (me) is ALWAYS happy and in a good mood. I set there listening to her tell me that I'M always in a good happy mood and I realized my personality my attitude is my gift that God has allowed me to have and all this week I've taken that gift of positive happy smiling attitude and shoved it under my kitchen table and put on this horrible angry face and frustrated attitude that is not even me. I thank God for allowing me to see through my aunt how I have chosen the feelings and mood I've been in all week. I've allowed circumstance to control my personality this week and in doing so I've allowed people who count on me to be the happy friendly person that God has allowed me to be to see this ugly side of me that I'm not proud of. I saw a scripture verse this morning through Proverbs 31 devotion (I love those daily devotions) it was Romans 8:37-38 ( In all things we are more than conquerors thru him(God) who loves us. (I'm paraphrasing but check out those 2 verses because realizing that God has me in all situations how can I be so shallow as to think that through bad weeks God can't help me make it through those too.)
Life is filled with divine moments some are awesome and full of God's glory and some are aggravating and made so that we will grow in our knowledge that we need God in and through all circumstances. May your Friday and you weekend be filled with joy and may you and I both remember daily that God never leaves us.
All 4 HIM, Angela

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week of frustration

Have you ever had a week that seems to be trying you on every level? That seems to be how my week is going. It's a short work week with Monday being Memorial Day so we only have 4 days to work. But I feel like these 4 days are stretching like stretch armstrong or a ball of silly putty. Each morning I say ok today will be different I'll go in to work and be positive, be a wonderful witness to the people I work around, and be happy in the midst of chaos. But each day this week has ended the same... with me telling God I'm sorry for letting work get the best of my attitude and that I'll do better tomorrow. Well tomorrow obviously hasn't come yet because my frustrated attitude is still hanging around with me. I'm curious to anyone reading this blog today. What scripture verse(s) helps you get through a rough week? I need some Godly intervention this week to keep me smiling in the aggravating chaos called work. Thanks for stopping by the grill & I hope you have a beautiful day!
All 4 HIM, Angela

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saddened Gladness

Hey ya'll thanks for taking time to drop by the grill. I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend. We'll be camping all weekend!! I'm thrilled to be going on our 1st camping trip of the season. If you've got a minute let me share my saddened gladness story with you this afternoon. We just found out that in 2 weeks we are loosing our youth Pastor at church. He informed Jim on Tuesday evening and last night He and his wife told the whole youth group. Everyone is very sad to be loosing them. He was offered a full time youth pastor position at a church in Tuscaloosa AL. It's a wonderful opportunity for him, his wife and children. And when they tell the whole story of how it all came about and the different situations that played out during the time they were being offered this position you can tell with out a doubt it's where God is leading them. We are so happy for them but we are sad for us (saddened gladness). Be in prayer for our wonderful youth pastor and his family, and be in prayer for our church and pray for the youth pastor that God willbe bringing to us next.
We love our youth Pastor & his family and they are going to be missed by us all. Thanks for allowing me to mention that to you. Have a safe weekend.
All 4 HIM, Angela

Monday, May 18, 2009

Laughing in the rain

Hi guys!! It was a great weekend. We had a yard sale and God showed up! Let me explain what happened. All last week it rained. Contrary to what the weather was doing we advertized in the local paper for a 1 day yard sale. And the rest of the week I lifted it up in prayer. See to catch you up with the whole yard sale thing.... we need a new pump for our swimming pool and the yard sale was my idea of coming up with the extra money to get a new pump. That pool is an important part of our family summer fun. So 4:30am Saturday morning Jim and I begin putting everything out in the yard, and Jim put out the yard sale signs. All day it rained all around us. People kept saying we were going to get rained out, but I kept saying maybe not. I've been praying about it and I think God will hold the rain off until the yard sale is over. Well about 1:30pm we went inside the house and as a family we prayed over the yard sale and the money that we had made before I ever counted it. When we counted it we had made just a tiny bit over what the cost of our pool pump will cost..... it wasn't 15minutes after I had announced to the family that we had our pool money made the bottom fell out and we were putting the rest of the yard sale stuff up in the pouring down rain..... I couldn't help but laugh the whole time we were out ther getting soaking wet in the rain. WOW! I had to share that faith story with you. Have a wonderful week. And when you get a chance Laugh in the rain it'll bring out the kid in you!!!
All 4 HIM, Angela

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Looking back Living forward!

Hello everybody! I hope Mother's day was wonderful for all of you moms. Mine was great. Jim and the boys washed my van Saturday night, made me breakfast Sunday morning and the cutest cards. Ty also gave me a flower in a cup that he had made at school. Alex offered a Mother's Day massage. After church Jim grilled for lunch. Once again GREAT! We spent Sunday afternoon with my mom & dad. This Mother's Day weekend was really wonderful and sweet. This is the first Mother's Day that we have not had Jim's mom with us. Jim handled Mother's Day very well. I know most of the day he was thinking of her and wishing he could be with her and so was I. You know it's so easy to take for granted the precious time God allows us to have. Last year on Mother's Day I would have never thought that would be our last Mother's day with Jim's mom. Would we have spent that day differently a year ago if we would have known the future? My guess is probably so. Isn't it just like us to look backwards and say: if only I would have known. I want to start making an effort to live life looking forward and making the most of every single moment. Let's make a challenge to ourselves that starting this day we will begin to say "Because I live" instead of "if only I had". God gives us one life to live and I believe He would rather us Live forward instead of Looking backward. We can't change our past but we can definitely choose to allow God to direct our present & future.
I would like to ask you to pray for Jim. He has decided to stop dipping and this is a HUGE process for him. I am lifting him up in prayer everyday. I pray that God will deliver him from his nicotine addiction and that it will be easier than what he expects. I am looking forward to the day that he realizes he no longer craves dip and I can say to God be the glory He held you through the whole process. I love when my God shows up and gives us a glimpse of His Mighty Hand. Have a wonderful week and LIVE FORWARD!
All 4 HIM, Angela

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day

To all of you wonderful moms, mommies, mothers. It's a little early but I saw this poem this morning and wanted to share it with you. Have a terrific Thursday and join me in taking our smile and our Jesus everywhere we go today. Growing in Christ, Angela

Real Mothers don't eat quiche;
They don't have time to make it.

Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils
Are probably in the sandbox.

Real Mothers often have sticky floors,
Filthy ovens and happy kids.

Real Mothers know that dried play dough
Doesn't come out of carpets.

Real Mothers don't want to know what
The vacuum just sucked up.

Real Mothers sometimes ask "Why me?"
And get their answer when a little
voice says, "Because I love you best."

Real Mothers know that a child's growth
is not measured by height or years or grade...
It is marked by the progression of Mommy to Mom to Mother...

The Images of Mother
4 years of age - My mommy can do anything!
8 years of age - My mom knows a lot!
14years of age - Naturally, Mother doesn't know that, either!!!
25years of age - Well, she might kow a little bit about it.
35years of age - Let's get mom's opinion.
45years of age - Wonder what mom would have thought about it?
65years of age - Wish I could talk it over with mom.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
The place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman is not a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woma is reflected in her soul.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day !!
From the Walkers

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

High School is coming.

Thanks for dropping by the GRILL. Speaking of grilling ... Jim grilled chicken quarters last night and they were GREAT!!! Our family absolutely loves summer time, longer days, the smell of our grill fired up, and being outside until bed time. As the school year comes to an end for my children. I have alot of mixed emotion. My oldest son will be starting high school next year and I'm finding that very difficult for me as a mom. Can anyone else relate with this feeling. I'm so excited for him as a young man venturing into high school & starting a new chapter of his life. But at the EXACT same time I'm so sad to be closing a chapter of his childhood. I'm so thankful that God is allowing my 3 sons to be healthy and grow as they are suppose to, but wouldn't it be great to be able to keep them little where we control most of their surroundings for their whole lives!! I know that as he goes off to high school he will be surrounded by choices and decisions and so I must continue to know that the most important thing I can do for him and my other 2 boys is to keep them lifted up in prayer to God for protection, direction, and guidance in their lives as they grow into young men.
I pray that God will continue to protect and watch over my children and grow their hearts & minds into the character he has planned them each to be. I've attached a Bible verse that I hope will be as comforting to you as it is for me. I love the beginning "Do not be anxious about anything" Anyone who knows me knows that I sure need daily reminders from God's word not to worry.

Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (Phil 4:6)
All 4 Him,

Friday, May 1, 2009

Most Important about Today!!!

You guys I almost forgot to share the most important part of today with you...... 11 years ago today my handsome, adorable, incredible, wonderful, husband asked me to marry him!!!!! And of course I said, " EEEEECK!!!" Long story I'll share at another time, but the important detail to this story is we are still living.... Happily ever-after!!! I love you Jim Walker.
Stop back by the GRILL when you get a chance we love having company drop in.
In Christ, Angela


Ya'll -
It's Friday again! Comes around every 7 days just like clock work. YEEHAW!!! When I titled today's blog TGIF it hit me "Thank God it's FOREVER." Isn't that just perfect to be thinking on a small scale like thank God it's Friday and God shows up and give you a larger scale of thankfulness. It has been a crazy work day but you know what?, I've been praying for God's guidance and direction all week and just to feel His presence in everything I'm involved in. And amazingly He has answered that prayer all week long and especially today. As wild as this work day has been I have had such a peace about it and things are still getting done even though God is allowing me to be calm and guarded against frustration and chaos.
This week through prayer and also in conversations with people in my life God is showing me that our life is really about FOREVER not FOR RIGHT NOW. Do I have anyone else reading that is like me in this: I'm so bad to worry about FOR RIGHT NOW. I forget to allow God to show me my FOREVER. I mean to say, " if we are only focused on the immediate moment we will usually miss out seeing even a piece of the grand picture. So the next time we are caught up in a moment of concern I challenge you to stop and lift up your prayers to God and allow Him to give you perfect peace as he shows you a greater destiny than just FOR RIGHT NOW. Have a wonderful WEEKEND in our Lord Jesus Christ and remember don't leave home without HIM!!! Also want to mention A dear friend of our's is celebrating his birthday this week so a big SHOUT OUT to Cedric.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we love ya man.
All 4 HIM, Angela

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New sight on Old Scripture

Hey ya'll -thanks for stopping by the GRILL ! As I read my Bible yesterday I read a verse I've probably read over several times within my life, but this time it stopped me and it found it's way to my heart.
Romans 15:13 "May the God that gives hope fill you with great joy. May you have perfect peace as you trust in Him. May the power of the Holy Spirit fill you with hope." WOW! that is a wonderul verse especially when you make it personal by adding your name in it. And that perfect peace is exactly what I felt last night as I ejoyed a wonderful evening with my family. I don't think the TV was even turned on yesterday at our home until after 9pm. We had the best time eating dinner, talking, laughing, and then Jim and I were studying God's word together for tonight's lesson at church. It was so enjoyable to be together in that process and to see God add and take from our lesson plan to make it what he intends for it to be tonight.
I hope that you will allow great joy and perfect peace in your life regardless of circumstances or current situations as you hope in our one God and have faith in His one son Jesus Christ. We would love to hear from you. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Be sure to drop by the Grill anytime you have a chance to hang out and see what's on fire for God's desire.
All 4 HIM,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our weekend

Hey Guys,
We had such a great weekend with Jim's dad. He grilled steak Friday night (DELICIOUS!) We met up with our youth group from church on Saturday and headed to B'ham for StadiumFest. It was AWESOME! The kids really loved the BMX bikes. That was pretty amazing stuff! The best part of the event was they gave all the glory for their talent and ability to our Heavenly Father God. Afterwards we headed down onto the football field which was completely covered by white plastic (pretty cool-made me want to walk around barefoot) they had several Christian artist Chris Thomlin, Rush of Fools, & last but definitely not least one of my favorite Jeremy Camp. In between groups they had great motivational speakers like Louie Giglio, Rick Burgess & Bill (Bubba) Bussey. It was just an awesome experience. Alex and I spent over 2 hrs in the line at the concession stand. That wasn't the highlight for us. You know it's funny how when your standing out in the heat in a long line for water that you realize how ironic that can be. Here we were at a great worship event with wonderful speakers and incredible bands and we were behind a building watching 2hrs of it from a big screen tv. There was a point where I felt myself starting to get frustrated with the situation and then I heard someone behind me sounding very aggravated about having to stand in such a long line and I realized that it was that moment that situation that shows our true Christian character. It was easy to lift up my hands and praise and worship God when I was on that white football field standing in front of the stage listening, but what about behind the building in the LONG line waiting.... and I turned and said to my son and to the people around us, "You know this is when our true character is shown." From that point forward through the remainder of that line I was fine. And I shared with Alex that we can worship and sing for God right there in that long line. He laughed and said yeah, besides mom if we hadn't been in this hot slow line for so long we wouldn't have met all these people that we've been talking to for 2 hours. GREAT POINT!!!! So eventually we got to the window ordered the largest drinks they had and 2 packs of skittles and headed back down the hill to enjoy the rest of the event. It was a fabulous time.... even the long line contributed to an evening of fun and laughter. We came back home Sunday night and although we hate to leave from down there with our family it's ALWAYS so wonderful to get back home and sleep in your own bed.
I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too. Thanks for spending time with us here at the GRILL!
All 4 HIM, Angela

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday-Frinzy SMILE!

FRIDAY!!!!! It's been a great week, but I sure do love Fridays! Something about knowing that I'm heading into the weekend just makes me smile! Well our family is excited today we are heading out of town to visit Jim's dad this weekend. And also we're meeting up with our youth group from church and going to a stadium-fest Saturday afternoon. Guaranteed to be full of fun, sun/Son & worship!!!
Quick thought from yesterday. A lady in my office and I were talking about another lady who had mentioned a very frightening experience she had yesterday. In the course of her conversation she mentioned how she was glad it happened while it was daylight because she would have really been scared if it was after dark. I told the lady that was sharing the story, "Isn't it funny how we can handle things alot better in the daytime. She said, "Yes it's like the light has a protection field around us." Well, you know exactly what happened to me when she said that..... YEP.. LIGHT-bulb came on. I thought isn't that the perfect illustration of Jesus in our life. Jesus is the light and we feel so much safer and secure in light than we do in the dark. For me that was a God wink moment. Where God gave me a tidbit of logical truth to grab hold of and place in my heart. So the next time the topic of light and dark comes up I'll have a wonderful story to share. Have a fabulous Friday! All 4 HIM, Angela

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday somehow from my back door of "I love you guys, have a great day, make good choices" to stepping out at work I allowed myself to go from positive Christ filled heart and attitude to a negative Angela filled attitude. Before I even knew what hit me I was all about me! Whining and complaining about stuff that was really nothing for me to even be concerend with. And then it happened right in the middle of me being caught up in me... my God showed up. Actually it came in the form of an amazing inspirational text message from my incredible husband. Simply stated it said, He was praying that whatever is going on in our lives that we give it to God so that we may see and receive what He is blessing us with. I'll tell you ladies ...& guys that stopped me right in my seat. I had to come to God and ask for His undeserving forgiveness because my attitude and character had been all caught up in Angela. Thank God for moments of accountability and reflection. Moving forward into my evening with the right attitude and joy in my heart I headed home but not before stopping by the grocery store to pick up the essentials for what I knew would be a WONDERFUL meal..... Jim was grilling!! Yep there isn't much I would rather eat than anything my husband grills up. We had burgers and they were fabulous. Zack our 3 yr old said they were VERY messy. I told him my mama always said, Messy burgers mean they are REALLY good. And then it happened what started out earlier yesterday as realizing I was caught up in myself and being bitter about actual Godly blessings regarding the season I'm in within my life right now. All of a sudden from our little Zack came such a Godly comfirmation that we are training our children in the ways of the Lord and even little Zack is understanding. He asked for the chips because of course with our great grilled hamburgers I chose wholesome nutritious BBQ potato chips as a side.... Hey it says right on the back made with potatoes! Anyways as I passed him the back he said, "Thank you" And then he said, "That's good to say thank you momma because that's Jesus' word, did you know that?" And I felt my heart jump! I told him that yes the Bible tells us to be kind and when we say thank you that is being VERY KIND. WOW a God moment ! I figured out last night that God has us in our situations sometimes just so we can see His glory and also I figured out that all the junk I was frustrated about earlier yesterday doesn't add up to 1 single speck of even the smallest God moments in my life. I pray for you a day with God moments everywhere you look today. Thanks for taking the time to hang around the grill with me this wonderful Wednesday. I hope you will stop back by and see us again.
All 4 HIM, Angela

Dear Lord, I pray for everyone reading this post today. That they would have moments throughout their day to see You in the smallest of glimpses or the largest of situations. And thank you God for allowing me to step back and see what blessing is all around my life and the life of my family. In Jesus name, Amen

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Say what I Mean & Mean what I Say!

WOW! I had a great conversation on my way in to work today with my mom. And right in the middle of our mother-daughter talk God showed up! Don't ya love when unexpectedly God shows up and teaches you a valuable lesson. In the midst of our conversation my mom shared with me that she had been speaking with a family member about me and sharing with that family member the changes she has seen in my life through Jesus Christ. And things that I had shared with her about my life and opportunities like the GRILL that God has opened up for me. When she mentioned that the family memeber said that I'm not suppose to brag about my accomplishments for God. Or in other words boast about things that I'm doing. I have to be honest here... my very first thought was that of hurt and I could have even been tittering slightly on being mad about the accusation (funny that would be a pride thing for sure if I would have allowed that feeling to come to the top) but in that same instance God revealed to me two very important truths. First of all not everyone who hears someone sharing how God is working through their life is going to understand that it's not at all a self compliment but a praise and witness to the incredible ability God has in EVERY single one of us .... even in ME! And then second it also made me realize that as a Chrisitian woman, wife, mom, daughter, friend, co-worker it is very important that as I go through life sharing what God is doing in and through me that I make double sure that I am expressing with full measure that all the glory is God's and that I'm merely a vessel for Him to work through as He desires.
All 4 HIM, Angela

Dear Lord, Please forgive me if I have at anytime given someone the impression that I am bragging on myself or taking credit for the gifts you have given me. I pray that I never mislead someone into thinking that I am full of pride or boasting about my accomplishments or opportunity that you will open up in my life. But that when I share my life in Jesus with people, you will always lay on my heart the right words to speak to people so that they see I give you all the glory for everything going on in my life not of my own will Lord God, but of your will. Amen

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Day of Rest

Today was not a usual Sunday at the Walker home. Most Sunday mornings you would find us busy getting breakfast out and getting everyone ready for church and then out the door we would go with Bibles in hand. This morning though was not that way, although when we went to bed last night we had all intentions of being seated in our close to the front usual seats at church worshiping with our wonderful church family, this morning came and everyone slept in. Now usually had I woke up late for church I would have made the day worse by feeling bad for missing and allowing the day to be filled with regret and passing that same shameful feeling off to the rest of my family in my actions. (Not the best attitude to portray but never the less that's usually where you would find me if I miss church service.) Because not only do I feel that by not being at church I'm letting down my family and my church members but more than that I always feel as though I'm letting God down and it is an extremely shameful feeling that I hold over myself usually for the entire day. However today was different. I'm not saying miss church it's a wonderful experience NOT at all. Jim and I both feel that our church is a fueling station a wonderful place filled with wonderful friends and family in Christ; a place to be filled with the message God has intended for each one of us if we go with an open heart and ears to receive what he has in store for us. And God's Word says do not forsake the assembling together! While being in church is deeply important to me and our family this morning when we woke up late I had a peace about being home today. Very different than how I would have normally felt about missing church. I didn't know right then but God was going to show me something today. I started out with the thought that I would use today as time to study God's Word with my children and to rest. I read with the boys frm Deut 6. We talked about God's desire that parents and their children think about God in EVERYTHING that we do. And we studied and talked about God's 10 commandments and how important they are not just to little children but also to their parents. This morning little Zack told a lie and while I could have spanked him and told him it was wrong and never do that I took that moment and told him about God's commandments and how important it is to remember God doesn't want us (I'm back blog tip#1 NEVER forget your potatoes on the stove when you start blogging... ok back to my story.) to tell lies it's one of the 10 commandments that he wants us to live by. And that's when it happened God spoke to my heart... to begin teaching my children that just like grown ups when they do something wrong they need to not only say I'm sorry to the person they wronged but also take it to God and ask for God's forgiveness. I've always tried to explain when my children do something wrong that God wants us to be good and to make good choices in everything we do, but until today I've never explained how important it is for them to also take their wrong behavior and talk to God about it and ask for His forgiveness and also to ask Him to help make better choices. So today while it started out as a Sunday missing church, it became a day that God used to show me a valuable truth as a parent in Christ. Children like adults need to realize that they should also take their wrong decisions and bad choices to God for His forgiveness and guidance. Thanks for stopping by to hang out with me at the GRILL! Come back and see us again soon and feel free to leave me a comment. Have a wonderful week!
All 4 HIM, Angela

Thank you God for showing me a parenting mistake I've been making for years. Thank you for showing me the importance of teaching my children to talk to you not just about prayer needs, or praises, but also when they make bad decisions in their lives to take those to you as well for your forgiveness, love, comfort, strength and guidance in their lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The grill... God's redemption is lasting life.

Hey thanks for dropping by to hang out at the grill. Several years ago God laid on my heart and mind the topic The grill on fire for God's desire. At the time our church didn't have a children's church so I thought, "OK God's trying to tell me something about beginning a children's ministry." For whatever reason at the time the idea stayed pressing on me but the steps to begin moving toward God's direction with that title were not taken. And not long after that idea our church did begin a great children ministry called Kids Korner. I laid my title aside and once in a while over the past several years the thought (The GRILL -on fire for God's desire) would pop back up in my thoughts for what I figured was for no reason. And then over the past several months my heart has been leaning toward starting a family blog. As the desire to do this became stronger all of a sudden there it was again... (The GRILL -on fire for God's desire). Not only the title but also the meaning behind the word GRILL was laid on my heart for the first time. Because see although I could see the idea working I couldn't figure out what the word GRILL would have to do with God, my savior Jesus Christ or His love for everyone in the world. And then today it hit me GRILL -God's redemption is lasting life. That was confirmation for me that I needed to start this thing. Where it will lead only God knows, but I'm on board with it and what better time to start up a grill than as we move into spring & summer. Hope to see you back at the grill!!! all 4 HIM, Angela