Friday, November 20, 2009

Life moment

Yesterday Jim and I met a precious elderly couple at the oncologist office. As we set there waiting to see the doctor about the next steps we will be taking with Jim's hemochromatosis we joined in conversation with that sweet couple. As the 4 of us spoke in that waiting room. We learned they have been married for 64 years. That the man had just been diagnosed with lung cancer. That he thinks his wife is an angel and that she has washed many pairs of socks for him over the years. We learned that the cost of his medication is $4500.00 for a 30 day supply. And about how they have sold alot of stuff around their 80 acre (now 40 acre farm) to afford his medication. And we saw how scared a precious lady is about the possibility of loosing her adored husband. But the biggest thing we learned about this couple that we will probably never see again is that they both have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. The elderly man (whom reminded me of my grandpa) said these words," I'm not scared. I don't like it, but I'm not worried because the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is still my God and he has never changed and will never change. As they were called back to the doctor I felt such an urge to do something for this couple so as the lady walked by behind her husband I stood up and said it has been such a pleasure speaking with you both and I hugged her. Not a fast see you later hug, but a real I feel for you, I'm sorry your going through this hug. We both let go with tears in our eyes and as they went through the door I said to my husband what a precious couple they are. He agreed and we both set there quietly I know we were both reflecting on the conversation we had just had. I set there and realized I have the power through Jesus to do something very important for that couple.... to lift them both up in prayer to my Heavenly Father God. So as the days pass I will be praying over this couple. And may our time with them even so brief of a moment be a lasting memory of how important life moments can be.
With love in Christ,

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