Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hey everybody. Thanks for dropping by. Well it's been an emotional week for me. I'm so excited about my new employment opportunity, and at the exact same time I'm sad about leaving the relationships & friends I have at my current company. I look forward to what God is opening up for me. I've got a confession to make. I have not spent the time with God the last few weeks that I need to. I've aloud other things take the place of that much needed alone time with him. So my plan I hope to spend all day tomorow alone just me and my Jesus. Reading his word (outside by the pool of course) and spending time in prayer and just listening to God's small still voice. I pray that I will really spend the day devoted to being no where else in my thoughts or actions than setting at the feet of Jesus. Wouldn't it be AWESOME to be with Jesus everyday. We are if we have a relationship with him. I sometimes forget that because he isn't here in the physical sense where I can see him, touch him, but when I stop and really talk to Jesus I can FEEL him.
If I can leave this blog today with one thought it would be make sure your happy. Happiness means different things to different people but even if life isn't perfect (and it never will be on this earth) we can be happy knowing that if we live with Jesus in our hearts and we stay walking closely with Him in all things we can be happy in our life.
Have a blessing today. Just look up and thank God for where ever you are today.
All 4 Him,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a trip!

We've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to update our site. First let me say that our trip to Panama City Beach with our youth group from church was nothing more than AMAZING! God showed up and showed out! It was an awesome time of study, worship, praise & play. Jim and I had the most incredible time with all the kids (young adults.) Every day was sure to be VERY eventful. You never knew if the day would consist several rounds of the game apples to apples, catching sand crabs with a dixie cup, volleyball, sun tans, finding a fish in one of the girls bathing suit (that was hysterical)! We had worship with another church youth group from Columbiana AL. WOW! we were 2 different denominations coming together to worship 1 God and all I can say is WOW!!! It was just awesome. There was no denominational barriers between us. We were not Baptist & Methodist.... we were brothers & sisters in Christ worshiping Him in all heart, mind, & soul together in unison. And it was AWESOME! It was 5 days of God filled moments. I felt that I came home with a WHOLE group (15 to be exact) new children of my very own. God blessed me with 3 biological boys, but after our trip and time together God laid on my heart that he has also blessed me with 15 adopted youth as well. What a wonderful time in the Lord. I thank God that I had the opportunity to be part of that youth event and look forward to many more if God wills Jim and I to be part of future trips. If you have never spent time with your church youth or any youth group for that matter, I encourage you to do so. As much as I pray they learned and understood more about God and His Word & Will for us. I am very much aware that those kids showed me and taught me so much during our time together. I think as adults we sometimes forget that kids also can teach us just like we can teach them. They are great!!
Got home last Monday from the trip and left last Thursday for Gulf Shores. We met Jim's sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew & his dad down there. This was the first family vacation we have all been on together. I am so thankful we had that opportunity with all of them. Alex was not able to go he was at his dad's so I missed him not being there and hated that he was missing all the things we did together. And I also missed Jim's mom. She would have loved being at the water park with us watching Zack in the little kid playplace. I could see her sitting in a chair in the shade just watching him, or sitting down in the water while he ran all over that part sliding down all the baby slides. I miss her.

Catching everyone up on the Walker house. I have recently accepted a new job offer with a different company. Please be in prayer for us over this new venture in our lives. It's with a Christian based company and I'm really excited about where that may lead in my walk daily walk with Christ. Very funny I had been praying over this offer and asking God to give me a black or white answer. You know one of those answers where God firmly tells you what to do. Well as you would imagine the answer never came. And I was really struggling with why God wasn't showing me what decision to make. And then during the interview process the gentleman I was interviewing with started talking to me about witnessing to an employee and leading him to Christ. In the moment of the whole interview as wonderful as that was I didn't realize that was confirmation for me. It was later when I got home and I'm sharing everything with my husband and asking his opinion about what I should do and saying I wish God would show me. Jim spoke up and said, "Angela I think God showed up and showed you and your not taking a moment to see it." He reminded me how much over the past few years I've had an urge to be more on fire at work for God, to be more willing to speak up and out about my Savior, and when God opens the door to talk to people about Jesus Christ. And then Jim said I think him sharing that story with you during your interview just might have been God's confirmation. As I sat there and replayed the conversation in my head I realized that man did not have to share that story with me, but he did. And then I realized God had spoken to me. I'm excited and anxious at my new career opportunity. God has perfect timing and I believe he works all things for His glory. I'm now training my replacement at work and she's going to be wonderful for my current company. She had been out of work for 2 months. God is always opening doors. My leaving this company after nearly 8 years has opened an opportunity for employment for her. God is great.