Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Special celebration

This past weekend was Jim and my anniversary weekend. For the past 6 years we have taken the weekend before or after our anniversary and spent it as a whole anniversary weekend. Just the two of us. We have an aunt and uncle who sweetly give us a gift card every Christmas to our favorite restaurant that comes along with a little note that the gift card includes a babysitter for the boys. Every year we hold that special gift until August where we cash it in for this entire special weekend. The boys pack their bags and off they go with my aunt and uncle from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. Each year we dress up and go out to eat Friday night. Saturday we lay out by our pool all day and Jim grills incredible steaks that evening. Sunday we have breakfast on the deck and talk and enjoy the view of our pool and the trees and fields around our house. To most people it may sound like a boring weekend. To some people it may seem crazy to want to spend that entire time celebrating an anniversary. But to me it's a very special celebration. Three hundred and sixty-two days a year we are dad and mom, coworkers, grocery shoppers, bill payers, fireman, lawn mower, house cleaner, laundry washer, pool cleaner, goat herders (yes we have goats and yes sometimes they get out of the fence), homework helpers, dinner makers, and somewhere in the mix of all that we are husband and wife. With kisses and I love you's interrupted by lots of stuff. But... oh man... but that one weekend a year! That short little time I'm just Angela Walker wife of the most incredible man I have ever known my very best friend Jim. For those few days he has my undivided attention and I have his. For those few days we have nothing between us, nothing pending, nothing separating us from being together. For those few days we are just two people very much in love and giving one another the time and energy we don't seem to be able to fit in most days. So Happy 13 years of having a very blessed marriage to me and my handsome man Jim. And may our special anniversary weekends never end. And to anyone wondering about the boys.... YES most of our conversations are about them the whole time they're gone. Well what can I say we are parents who very much love our kids. And as wonderful as our weekend always is we are always ready to get those guys back home by Sunday afternoon. After all, there's only so long you can stand a quiet, clean house when your a mom and dad.