Thursday, June 25, 2009

Walking with Jesus

Good morning & thanks for stopping by the GRILL! Well today is the day I've decided to start an exercise program.....YIKES & YUCK! I know what your probably thinking ...yeah right for a week if I'm lucky. Maybe it'll last a week maybe longer, but for today the important thing is I'm starting. Last night at VBS my children got really cool rubber bracelets that say "walking with JESUS" and have feet prints all around the bracelet. I'm wearing one of them today. As I started this post and looked at my bracelet I thought how funny that the day I decide to start walking I'm wearing a walking with Jesus bracelet. One of my favorite scripture verses, and the first verse I ever memorized is Phil 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" So as I put on my walking shoes later today and begin that exercise journey I will not be alone... because with Christ in my heart where ever I go what ever I do I'll be "WALKING WITH JESUS"
Have a blessed day and what ever your plans are today take Jesus with you.
All 4 Him,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VBS rocks -socks

Well it's been a wild week. We have VBS at church every night this week. So it's been rush home from work, sandwiches or pizza, and away we go. We are all having such a good time at VBS. Alex is 14 now so he is no longer in VBS he is a helper so he's really liking his new role. And we all look great in our neon yellow VBS T-shirts! lol Ty & Zack are having fun and we are all learning so much. I've learned just in the 1st 2 days that nursery age children can RUN much faster than you would imagine, I've learned that blue punch is very sticky when spilt on your flip-flop & foot, I've learned that no matter how many times young children are told to throw beans in a bucket there is always that moment when they are going to decide to eat them, I've learned that water sports are great, but you should be sure everyone has a change of clothes, I've learned that there is nothing more fun about a new pair of socks than everyone throwing them all at once at your Pastor!! And most of all most importantly I've learned that sometimes even when you don't think any of those little faces are paying attention as they run around and jump and refuse to sit still to hear the Bible lesson, they are hearing more than you realize, like who was in the boat with Peter... JESUS, and who does JESUS love.... everybody. This week has been so great this far and I know God will continue to bless everyone involved with VBS and to HIM be all the glory.
If you run out of fun summer activities I'm telling you try throwing socks at people it's a BLAST! (preferrably not a pair that has spent the day on someone's feet... yuck!)
All 4 Him,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heart Condition

So glad you took time to stop by the GRILL! If this is your first time to hang out with us you might want to go back and check out our very first post. It just kind of gives you an understanding of where the title of our blog comes from "The GRILL!"
So much happening here in the next few days it's hard to see how it will all get done, but thankfully God is with us through all things.
I felt that I had to share the last few weeks with you. That's why I titled today heart condition. I received a great word of encouragment this morning and in reading it God laid strongly on my heart that I have unknowingly but VERY willingly given myself a heart condition the last few weeks. Conditioning in positive form is GREAT like hair conditioner (would'nt want to shower without it), and air conditioner (can't imagine living without it). But this morning I'm speaking of heart condition or the lack of conditioning my heart. God gave me this morning a view of the last couple of weeks in my life. I've been tired, anxious, frustrated, aggravated, bitter, antzy, nervous, and way to talkative. You know what I realized this morning I have NOT been? I've NOT been thankful, prayerful, forgiving, or quietly listening. God showed me this morning that most of my problems have been due to the lack of conditioning I have given to my heart. What I know is that for my mind & body to be full of joy, kindness, compassion, & understanding I've got to condition myself (my heart) with the right conditioning product. I need in God's word MORE than I have allowed myself to be the last few weeks, I need more prayer time than I've taken the last few weeks, and I need more quiet time to hear from God than I've given Him or myself the last few weeks. It has occurred to me that the things I reguard as issues and headaches are merely circumstances that I have not allowed God to condition me for because I've been too busy in my own strength and power (lack of power) to allow God to give me strength and to show me his mercy through all things.
So as I end todays blog I'm heading to the restroom here at work for a one on one prayer meeting with my God who is always waiting patiently for me even when I'm too busy in myself to stand still. Have a beautiful day and remember it's not the circumstances that will grow us in Christ like character it's about the choices we make through the circumstances that will grow us in Christ or keep us in ourselves.
All 4 Him,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great day!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by! I titled this post Great day! You know Monday we had storms and tornado warnings, yesterday we had hazy skies that looked as if storms were headed our way, this morning we woke to loud thunder and bright flashing lightning. So what makes this a great day? Well we WOKE. God allowed my family and I to have another day together. We woke to stormy weather and just like turning on the light so I can see what to wear in the dark hours before daybreak. God switched a light on our weather and now the sun is shining. Will it be stormy later? Possibly but I hope that God grows me daily to recognize that even through the storms it can be a great day! Let me update everyone on what's been going on with us. My dad had eye surgery last week. So please be in prayer about that. We go back to the doctor today to find out how his eye is doing. Right now he has no vision in it. Also, my mom had heart test ran on Monday so please be in prayer about her results. We are gearing up for VBS next week and then the following week we'll be leaving on our youth trip. Exciting happenings just around the corner so I pray for health, endurance, and a heart of worship through it all. *A GREAT HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY HUSBAND & DAD OF OUR 3 CHILDREN, SHOUT OUT TO MY DAD OF 35 YEARS AND A SHOUT OUT TO ALL YOU DADS* *HAPPY FATHER'S DAY THIS SUNDAY!
All 4 Him,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Needing prayer.

Hey guys I almost forgot in my earlier post today. Please be in prayer for our youth group. And be in prayer for the other couple that's going to help with the youth and for Jim & myself. Jim and I both feel that we are suppose to be part of helping and assisting in our youth right now, but we have never lead teenagers before. As a matter of fact we have only been parents to a teenager for nearly 2 years. So I pray that God will bring our next youth pastor soon but until then we pray that he will guide all of us as we begin to learn together. We have such a great teenage group.
By the way changing the subject Ty has a mohawk. YEP... he's been wanting one for a couple of years and as the parents to that adorable 81/2 year old we decided to go ahead and let him have it. It's cute, he carries it well. Besides it's a great hairstyle for FOOTBALL!!!! Thanks for the prayers & visit us again. We are always close by the GRILL!
All 4 HIM, Angela


Well last night we said good-bye to our youth Pastor & his wife & family. We all shared in watching a great slide show of pictures that make up the last 21/2 yrs with them & lots of pizza. It was a great time of fellowship as different people shared memories and thoughts. I'm so glad Jim and I have had the opportunity to be with them over the past several months and to get to know them even better. We are all going to miss them but we truly wish them the very best God has in store for their family.
You know it's so easy to sit now and think of all the things I would have liked to of said last night. I spoke but it's funny nothing I said came out right. I'm so glad that God blessed our lives with this family. The encouragement and love that they have shared with our church is wonderful and they will be missed.
It seems like we are beginning lots of different chapters in our family this season. With Alex graduating 8th grade, our friends & youth pastor moving, me going on my 1st youth trip, Jim becoming a volunteer fireman. Speaking of that I had the opportunity to meet several of the fireman that he works with last night on our way home. We ran by the fire station and I was introduced to what seem to be some really great guys. We got home late but we managed to get everyone into bed and Jim and I got up on time this morning. So today has started off GREAT! I read a passage yesterday Phil 4:8 (paraphrasing) think of things from God and the peace of God will be with you. I love the thought of God's peace being with me. Maybe it's not waking up on time that makes today great at all, maybe it's the conversation I had this morning with God on my way to work. YEP! I bet that's it . Have a wonderful day!
All 4 HIM, Angela

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Day

I'm so glad you decided to stop by the grill!! I'm excited that June is here. Not so excited to be turning another year older, but feeling fortunate to have the opportunity to have another birthday the 11th of this month. We are looking forward to getting our pool open hopefully this coming weekend. We have so much fun family time around that swimming pool every summer. Today has been such a great Tuesday. I started this week off spending much needed time with God each morning. I would encourage you to spend time everyday even if just for 10minutes reading God's word. So far this week I have spent 30minutes at lunch reading about Paul in the book of Acts. And then taking a 30minute. WOW!! the activities combined are really making a difference in my days. So what a concept rest & the Lord. I believe Jesus said (paraphrasing) Come to me all who are burdened and I'll give you rest. Read the Word then take a nap !! It's great. Have a blessed day and remember to live for Christ, He died for you.
All 4 HIM, Angela