Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VBS rocks -socks

Well it's been a wild week. We have VBS at church every night this week. So it's been rush home from work, sandwiches or pizza, and away we go. We are all having such a good time at VBS. Alex is 14 now so he is no longer in VBS he is a helper so he's really liking his new role. And we all look great in our neon yellow VBS T-shirts! lol Ty & Zack are having fun and we are all learning so much. I've learned just in the 1st 2 days that nursery age children can RUN much faster than you would imagine, I've learned that blue punch is very sticky when spilt on your flip-flop & foot, I've learned that no matter how many times young children are told to throw beans in a bucket there is always that moment when they are going to decide to eat them, I've learned that water sports are great, but you should be sure everyone has a change of clothes, I've learned that there is nothing more fun about a new pair of socks than everyone throwing them all at once at your Pastor!! And most of all most importantly I've learned that sometimes even when you don't think any of those little faces are paying attention as they run around and jump and refuse to sit still to hear the Bible lesson, they are hearing more than you realize, like who was in the boat with Peter... JESUS, and who does JESUS love.... everybody. This week has been so great this far and I know God will continue to bless everyone involved with VBS and to HIM be all the glory.
If you run out of fun summer activities I'm telling you try throwing socks at people it's a BLAST! (preferrably not a pair that has spent the day on someone's feet... yuck!)
All 4 Him,

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