Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heart Condition

So glad you took time to stop by the GRILL! If this is your first time to hang out with us you might want to go back and check out our very first post. It just kind of gives you an understanding of where the title of our blog comes from "The GRILL!"
So much happening here in the next few days it's hard to see how it will all get done, but thankfully God is with us through all things.
I felt that I had to share the last few weeks with you. That's why I titled today heart condition. I received a great word of encouragment this morning and in reading it God laid strongly on my heart that I have unknowingly but VERY willingly given myself a heart condition the last few weeks. Conditioning in positive form is GREAT like hair conditioner (would'nt want to shower without it), and air conditioner (can't imagine living without it). But this morning I'm speaking of heart condition or the lack of conditioning my heart. God gave me this morning a view of the last couple of weeks in my life. I've been tired, anxious, frustrated, aggravated, bitter, antzy, nervous, and way to talkative. You know what I realized this morning I have NOT been? I've NOT been thankful, prayerful, forgiving, or quietly listening. God showed me this morning that most of my problems have been due to the lack of conditioning I have given to my heart. What I know is that for my mind & body to be full of joy, kindness, compassion, & understanding I've got to condition myself (my heart) with the right conditioning product. I need in God's word MORE than I have allowed myself to be the last few weeks, I need more prayer time than I've taken the last few weeks, and I need more quiet time to hear from God than I've given Him or myself the last few weeks. It has occurred to me that the things I reguard as issues and headaches are merely circumstances that I have not allowed God to condition me for because I've been too busy in my own strength and power (lack of power) to allow God to give me strength and to show me his mercy through all things.
So as I end todays blog I'm heading to the restroom here at work for a one on one prayer meeting with my God who is always waiting patiently for me even when I'm too busy in myself to stand still. Have a beautiful day and remember it's not the circumstances that will grow us in Christ like character it's about the choices we make through the circumstances that will grow us in Christ or keep us in ourselves.
All 4 Him,

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