Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great day!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by! I titled this post Great day! You know Monday we had storms and tornado warnings, yesterday we had hazy skies that looked as if storms were headed our way, this morning we woke to loud thunder and bright flashing lightning. So what makes this a great day? Well we WOKE. God allowed my family and I to have another day together. We woke to stormy weather and just like turning on the light so I can see what to wear in the dark hours before daybreak. God switched a light on our weather and now the sun is shining. Will it be stormy later? Possibly but I hope that God grows me daily to recognize that even through the storms it can be a great day! Let me update everyone on what's been going on with us. My dad had eye surgery last week. So please be in prayer about that. We go back to the doctor today to find out how his eye is doing. Right now he has no vision in it. Also, my mom had heart test ran on Monday so please be in prayer about her results. We are gearing up for VBS next week and then the following week we'll be leaving on our youth trip. Exciting happenings just around the corner so I pray for health, endurance, and a heart of worship through it all. *A GREAT HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY HUSBAND & DAD OF OUR 3 CHILDREN, SHOUT OUT TO MY DAD OF 35 YEARS AND A SHOUT OUT TO ALL YOU DADS* *HAPPY FATHER'S DAY THIS SUNDAY!
All 4 Him,

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