Thursday, June 4, 2009

Needing prayer.

Hey guys I almost forgot in my earlier post today. Please be in prayer for our youth group. And be in prayer for the other couple that's going to help with the youth and for Jim & myself. Jim and I both feel that we are suppose to be part of helping and assisting in our youth right now, but we have never lead teenagers before. As a matter of fact we have only been parents to a teenager for nearly 2 years. So I pray that God will bring our next youth pastor soon but until then we pray that he will guide all of us as we begin to learn together. We have such a great teenage group.
By the way changing the subject Ty has a mohawk. YEP... he's been wanting one for a couple of years and as the parents to that adorable 81/2 year old we decided to go ahead and let him have it. It's cute, he carries it well. Besides it's a great hairstyle for FOOTBALL!!!! Thanks for the prayers & visit us again. We are always close by the GRILL!
All 4 HIM, Angela

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