Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas spirit shows up on lunch hour

Last week while shopping at Wal-Mart on my lunch hour the manager came over the loud speaker and said, "To show our customers appreciation for your business today up front we have several racks of bubble jackets & vest for merely $5 each. Of course all of us valued customers swormed the racks looking for sizes and trying on vest & jackets. Before I knew what I was doing I had seveal vest in my buggy. I was looking at them as Christmas gifts... and even grabbed a cute chocolate color one for myself. As I was heading to the check out counter I was reminded of this truth. That it is the Christmas season and as much as yes I have presents I want to get for friends and family there is a much greater need. I was reminded that there is a little brother and sister whom are in need of warm clothes and homeless people that we are going to be passing out blankets and coats for. Inside my buggy was not a single item for any of them. As a matter of fact up to that moment I had not even given them the first thought as I was busy looking at colors and sizes. As soon as these thoughts were laid on my heart I stopped turned my buggy around and without a moments hesitation very excitedly a began to put all my cute bubble vest back on the rack and started looking for coats for my soon to meet homeless, and coats for that precious brother and sister whom I will never meet but I can imagine them both receiving warm gifts at Christmas time and just being so thrilled with each item they receive. I can't explain the excitement I had in my heart and the feeling of humbleness at the same time. Excitement that I could get these coats and humbleness that for no reason of my own God has blessed me that I may help those less fortunate, and also humble that I needed God's quiet reminder in my heart to think about those in need.
I have to tell you that lunch hour will be one I will long remember. A normal day at work a normal trip to Wal-Mart turning into an enormous moment with God.
Thank you Lord for continuing to steer my heart and guide me in the way of selfless acts of compassion and love.
May all of you have an encounter with our Lord and Savior Jesus this Christmas season. After all He is the true reason for Christmas.
Joy, peace, love to you all,

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