Thursday, December 24, 2009

Special Christmas Gift

This year my family and I have decided on a very special Christmas present. We have chosen to sponsor a precious little girl through Compassion International. Her name is Emmanuella. Her name is long so the boys and I have decided in our home to call her Emma. Emma is 3 years old and lives in Ghana Africa with her mommy and daddy and 4 other children in their family. Emma lives in an aids infected area of Africa. My heart is so full this morning. I look around at my life and see so many blessings that God has allowed me to have. I see God's grace (unearned undeserved favor) on my entire life. I'm so thankful that when God begin to work on my heart back last year about sponsoring a child in poverty that I continued to listen to God's voice deep in my heart through the year. I'm thankful that when I presented this idea to my family it was accepted with open arms. I explained to Jim and the boys that if this is something that we should do that I had prayed to God that we would all agree and if not than we were not to sponsor a child. Jim and each of the boys agreed and there were tears shed last night as I explained about little Emma and her life and where she lives. The boys said that she's the little girl we never had.... and maybe she is just that. Maybe God blessed my life with 3 amazing sons and a small beautiful little girl from Africa who is blessed with her very own mommy but whom will now have lots of love and prayers coming to her from me and my family.
Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me and my family with so much in our life. Thank you for giving us the ability to share with this beautiful little precious baby girl named Emmanuella Kyia. May you surround her and her family with a shield of protection and the peace of your love.

A wish of peace and joy in your life this Christmas season.

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