Friday, November 6, 2009

November Christmas

So what do you think about having Christmas starting in November? I know what your thinking... what about Thanksgiving???? Well for years I thought the same thing. Don't put up the Christmas tree until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Don't start any Christmas preparation until after Thanksgiving. But maybe it's getting older (you know they say you get wiser as you get older, don't they say that?) Any who... It occurred to me this week that Thanksgiving and Christmas should really be one huge season wrapped in love together. Stay with me for a minute and I'll explain my thinking. We would all agree that the Thanksgiving season is a time of giving thanks and being thankful. The Christmas season is a time of remembering and celebrating the birth of Christ. It seems to me that we should be thankful all the time and we should celebrate our Jesus everyday not just one day a year in rememberance of His birth. We should really be thankful for Jesus everyday of the week. And we should live our lives to show our continued thankfulness. So for me and my family this year we've decided to mix the two seasons together. To spend this season being thankful for our blessings, and most of all for the unearned undeserved favor from God we have been given in Jesus Christ. So if you show up at our house next week you'll probably find us knee deep in Christmas decorations and a huge Christmas tree. So what do you think about mixing our nativity scene with yellow, orange & brown from our Thanksgiving pumpkins & leaves. I can just see a peace in surrounding baby Jesus in our Thanksgiving.
All for Jesus,

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