Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tootsie Rolls

Last night was a GREAT class in our youth group for me. I have been praying over our youth and their interest, and their attendance on Wed nights. Have you ever tried to talk to a bunch of teenagers on a teaching level? Let me tell you without them saying anything at all you can start feeling very alone and inadequate for the task as you try to bring them a lesson out of God's word. And then, God gave me an exciting idea.... "TOOTSIE ROLLS" Last night as class started with great Christian music from the group Pillar and a strobe light spinning around the room I had a surprise hidden under the podium. As the music ended & the strobe light turned off we started class. When we got to the point of me throwing out a question as usual (dead silence) no one had a response....are you serious QUIET teenagers. This time I was ready with the help of prayer. And so, I reached for the tootsie roll bag. Basically the deal was if they answered questions and gave me & the class feed back and discussion on our topic they would be thrown a tootsie roll. Let me tell you I have discovered the secret of getting teenagers to interact with you in a class setting..... feed them junk food. Class was great we talked about our topic living proof by simply living. In otherwards walkin the walk and talkin the talk in Christ. And my small group of teenagers last night had alot to say.
I thank God for giving me such a great idea to spike their interest. Sure it was for tootsie rolls but guess what regardless of what gets a person to sit under God's word to start with once your under it his word WILL NOT return void!!!!! How cool is that!!!
As always thanks for stopping by the GRILL and I hope your leave a comment. Look forward to meeting back here again real soon.
All for Christ,

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