Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let me tell ya!

This weekend was God filled. I was blessed with spending Friday and Saturday with 10 wonderful women from our church. As we headed out in one mighty full church van on our way Memphis the weather was rainy and windy, but we had an AWESOME Jesus guiding us the whole way. Not to mention a great lady named Joan behind the wheel. We showed up checked into our hotel and headed to grab a bite before going to the Living Proof Live conference with Beth Moore. The food was good the conference was incredible. There was 13,300 women in the Fedex Forum in Memphis and about oh I would say 10 men. It was a weekend filled with most of all God, laughter, encouragement, and a new awareness of what God is like according to Exodus 34. It was great to hear such a motivational Godly speaker and even better to receive a Godly message spoken directly to my very own heart. God gave me a new awareness that as much as I ask Him to grow me spiritually to lead & guide me to change me from the inside out through Jesus Christ and His holy spirit. He said very clearly to me over the course of this weekend. If I want Him to lead me I've got to be willing to chase after Him through all situations. So as I allow this newness of chasing after my God sink in to my heart and soul. I pray that I will be living proof of God's abounding love, compassion, grace, and forgiveness in my daily life walk. If your checking out the grill today let me know by leaving a comment. I'd love to hear from you.
In love with Christ Jesus,

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