Tuesday, October 27, 2009

God answers quiet gentle prayers.

Can I share some real thoughts with you today? We lost my mother-in-law this past January to leukemia but primarily and most importantly God called her home. The last couple of weeks I have really been missing her. She's been very much in my daily thoughts. Sunday after church Jim and I were discussing his dad who is currently taking treatment for cancer himself. And we began talking about his mom. As we spoke about Jim's parents I realized in my thoughts that since his mom past away I have not had a single dream about her. I began to think about how much comfort it would be to see her, to speak to her, to hug her again. And I had a quiet moment just thinking to myself and to my Heavenly Father who knows my every thought my every desire my every need. Last night which was Monday night I dreamed the sweetest dreams about my mother-in-law. I saw her I spoke to her I hugged her and she hugged me. I felt her as real as typing these words now. When I awoke I was so rested and as I got ready for work it occurred to me that God had blessed me last night in my dreams with the desire of my heart. To be near my sweet loving friend and mother-in-law again. I thank my God for gentle quiet prayers being answered.
Thanks for sharing in this blessing with me. And come on back to the grill again.
With love in Christ,

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