Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

What makes a wonderful Wednesday? For me it's simple. I woke up on time... of course after a snooze alarm. Laid out my clothes last night by this morning I was not interested in wearing that just ironed top so here I go searching for the perfect Wednesday top that of course needed ironed. Ok so are we sounding wonderful yet? An hour later I'm ready.. well nearly no shoes, no coordinating matching jewelry because of course the jewelry that I laid out matched the original planned outfit that I'm no longer wearing. So as I jump into shoes matching jewelry and running thru turning on everyone's bedroom lights saying good morning time to get up guys. I begin to wake up the youngest... he may only be 4 but at 6:15 in the morning he has a VERY grown up attitude. As I'm trying with much effort to dress him he's trying with as much effort to not get dressed. Ok so we finally have him dressed and off to the bathroom we go to brush teeth & hair. DONE! Oh forgot about my breakfast of 2 pieces whole-wheat toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter and my cappachino to go. As I round the corner to the kitchen... there he is my Wonderful husband with bread in the toaster and a spoon stirring my cup of hot cappachino to go. It's now 6:25 I'm now 10 minutes late out the door. As I grab a purse, lunch bag, breakfast sandwich, cappachino, Zack, Zack's shoes ( because at 6:25 in the morning this little 4 year old does not intend on wearing shoes), his bear named pickles (pickles goes everywhere with us), his blue rag and I kiss my sweet handsome husband and out the door we go. Oh no at the van I realize the doors are locked as I'm trying to maneuver all the items in my arms to reach for my keys which are buried deep in that huge purse without dropping my son. I look up and there he is again, my adorable sweet handsome husband. He takes several items out of my arms helps me find the keys stuffs all my items in the front passenger seat as I buckle Zack in the car seat in the back. I kiss him again and he says I'm beautiful. I climb into the driver seat and head out of the driveway. Jim is left with 2 older sleeping children to wake up and make sure are ready and eat breakfast before they leave the house in about 20 minutes. Sound like a wonderful Wednesday to you? So in all the craziness what makes it wonderful? My husband! Jim being there at just the right moment to encourage me to help me to take part of my load this morning. It was a wonderful Wednesday morning. That's what we are suppose to do. We are suppose to be helpers and encouragers to our spouses. And when we do that for one another everyday can be a wonderful Wednesday.
Dear God thank you so much for blessing me with such a wonderful husband. For giving us 3 amazing children and for allowing us to know Jesus Christ in our lives and in our heart. May we be the family in Christ that you desire us to be.
If your reading at the grill today I'd love to hear from you. May your day regardless of how it started be a Wonderful Wednesday.
Check out my new memory verse: Romans 15:13
All in Christ,

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