Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facing big task by saying yes to the little ones.

I'm going to share some real life with you this morning. If your reading this today and have ever been here with me leave me a comment and let me know I'm not all alone. In June of 2007 at the age of 33 I rededicated my life to my Lord my Savior Jesus Christ. Since then I've been praying (sometimes stronger than other times) that God would use me in a big way for His glory. Over and over I would pray that over myself and even over my family, over my husband over my children. That we would be used in great ways for God's glory for His kingdom. Over and over and it seemed that God was not listening, or not wanting me to do anything. And because I didn't see task as important or I didn't here drums and see rockets flying to announce that God was about to use me I past them by. I said no over and over while at the exact same time asking God to please use me, and even on some occassions I would take on the task but not to the fullest of my ability. As a matter of fact alot of the time not realizing what I was doing I would handle it by myself without consulting my God at all. And then when the task was completed I would still be left feeling as though God is just not using me YET. AND THEN... this week God showed up and clearly gave me this truth. That yes He loves me, yes He can use me and will but I have to say yes when he calls. EVEN on the smallest jobs. There are no small jobs for God's glory. I have probably heard that over and over but it wasn't until this week this time that I understood the truth behind the meaning. God may have big plans for this woman but if I can't act on the small plans how can He use me for bigger. So I say today that in everything I do may I truly do it for my God's glory. And may God use me however He desires. Big or small ... the size of the job isn't important it's the size of my heart that matters.
All 4 Christ,

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