Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prayer and pool playing

Yesterday on my way home from work I was praying and seeking a word from God. I was sincerely asking God's forgiveness because of the time and energey I waste every day while asking God for more time. I was speaking with my God and asking Him to please help me to see my opportunities especially with my precious family. Why is it we sometimes save our best for the outside world and give the peope we love what is leftover.... and isn't that true with how we often give the leftover to God too. Not that we mean to. I'm convinced that I don't deliberately often fall asleep talking with God at night. I don't deliberately tell my children to wait while I watch the television. I don't deliberately fall asleep on my husband while he's sharing his thoughts of the day. So as I was sharing these feelings with God and humbly asking Him to show me the moments I don't take I pulled into our drive God began instantly to show me the desire of my heart's prayer. There Jim and Zack were walking across the yard toward the barn to get Zack's little 4 wheeler out. Instead of turning off the car and running inside to start dinner "I STOPPED" I watched a precious site Zack swinging his arms and shaking his head in a very deep, real, and enthusiastic conversation with his daddy. What a beautiful site. And just now it occurred to me how wonderful it would be if everyday I talked that real that deep that enthusiastic with my arms swinging to my heavenly Father. Thank you Lord for giving me this thought.

Back to last night. I went in and Jim came through the house he said he was heading to the barn to shoot pool. Once again God gave me that small voice that said, "STOP" go shoot pool with him. And I did. (NOT WELL but I was there and we were having fun.) Toward the end of the game the boys came up in the top of the barn and grabbed pool sticks and we all played a round of pool together. It was a great moment that had I not taken time to "STOP" I would have missed such a beautiful blessing on such a normal regular Tuesday evening. I encourage you and myself to "STOP" more often. Start by "STOPPING" for a quiet time with our Lord. "STOP" to really listen and see our husband. "STOP" to truly hear and watch our children. "STOP" to hear God in our lives. Thank you so much for "STOPPING" by the grill today. Be blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ.
All 4 my Jesus,

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