Monday, August 17, 2009

What a wonderful weekend.

What a wonderful weekend! Our entire family was home the whole weekend. We had no plans and no prior engagements. What a relaxing time in our house. We spent alot of time around our swimming pool this weekend. God blessed us with 2 days of beautiful sunshine. Jim had to remind me this weekend what a blessing it was to be home together with no obligations. I have realized that if I'm not careful when God gives me beautiful sunshine days with my husband and children I will loose site of the moment and try to fill that time with house work and chores. I'm thankful for the reminder Jim gave me and for the weekend that we were blessed with. Wonderful sunshine, grilled perfect steaks, Sunday evening spent with friends and a more meat off the grill.
Thank you God for blessing me even when I sometimes fail to appreciate the moment. You are an awesome loving, forgiving, gracious, God and I pray that you will continue to lay on my heart to appreciate each day for the day you have made for me and my family.
All 4 Him,

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