Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Say what I Mean & Mean what I Say!

WOW! I had a great conversation on my way in to work today with my mom. And right in the middle of our mother-daughter talk God showed up! Don't ya love when unexpectedly God shows up and teaches you a valuable lesson. In the midst of our conversation my mom shared with me that she had been speaking with a family member about me and sharing with that family member the changes she has seen in my life through Jesus Christ. And things that I had shared with her about my life and opportunities like the GRILL that God has opened up for me. When she mentioned that the family memeber said that I'm not suppose to brag about my accomplishments for God. Or in other words boast about things that I'm doing. I have to be honest here... my very first thought was that of hurt and I could have even been tittering slightly on being mad about the accusation (funny that would be a pride thing for sure if I would have allowed that feeling to come to the top) but in that same instance God revealed to me two very important truths. First of all not everyone who hears someone sharing how God is working through their life is going to understand that it's not at all a self compliment but a praise and witness to the incredible ability God has in EVERY single one of us .... even in ME! And then second it also made me realize that as a Chrisitian woman, wife, mom, daughter, friend, co-worker it is very important that as I go through life sharing what God is doing in and through me that I make double sure that I am expressing with full measure that all the glory is God's and that I'm merely a vessel for Him to work through as He desires.
All 4 HIM, Angela

Dear Lord, Please forgive me if I have at anytime given someone the impression that I am bragging on myself or taking credit for the gifts you have given me. I pray that I never mislead someone into thinking that I am full of pride or boasting about my accomplishments or opportunity that you will open up in my life. But that when I share my life in Jesus with people, you will always lay on my heart the right words to speak to people so that they see I give you all the glory for everything going on in my life not of my own will Lord God, but of your will. Amen

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