Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday somehow from my back door of "I love you guys, have a great day, make good choices" to stepping out at work I allowed myself to go from positive Christ filled heart and attitude to a negative Angela filled attitude. Before I even knew what hit me I was all about me! Whining and complaining about stuff that was really nothing for me to even be concerend with. And then it happened right in the middle of me being caught up in me... my God showed up. Actually it came in the form of an amazing inspirational text message from my incredible husband. Simply stated it said, He was praying that whatever is going on in our lives that we give it to God so that we may see and receive what He is blessing us with. I'll tell you ladies ...& guys that stopped me right in my seat. I had to come to God and ask for His undeserving forgiveness because my attitude and character had been all caught up in Angela. Thank God for moments of accountability and reflection. Moving forward into my evening with the right attitude and joy in my heart I headed home but not before stopping by the grocery store to pick up the essentials for what I knew would be a WONDERFUL meal..... Jim was grilling!! Yep there isn't much I would rather eat than anything my husband grills up. We had burgers and they were fabulous. Zack our 3 yr old said they were VERY messy. I told him my mama always said, Messy burgers mean they are REALLY good. And then it happened what started out earlier yesterday as realizing I was caught up in myself and being bitter about actual Godly blessings regarding the season I'm in within my life right now. All of a sudden from our little Zack came such a Godly comfirmation that we are training our children in the ways of the Lord and even little Zack is understanding. He asked for the chips because of course with our great grilled hamburgers I chose wholesome nutritious BBQ potato chips as a side.... Hey it says right on the back made with potatoes! Anyways as I passed him the back he said, "Thank you" And then he said, "That's good to say thank you momma because that's Jesus' word, did you know that?" And I felt my heart jump! I told him that yes the Bible tells us to be kind and when we say thank you that is being VERY KIND. WOW a God moment ! I figured out last night that God has us in our situations sometimes just so we can see His glory and also I figured out that all the junk I was frustrated about earlier yesterday doesn't add up to 1 single speck of even the smallest God moments in my life. I pray for you a day with God moments everywhere you look today. Thanks for taking the time to hang around the grill with me this wonderful Wednesday. I hope you will stop back by and see us again.
All 4 HIM, Angela

Dear Lord, I pray for everyone reading this post today. That they would have moments throughout their day to see You in the smallest of glimpses or the largest of situations. And thank you God for allowing me to step back and see what blessing is all around my life and the life of my family. In Jesus name, Amen

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