Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday-Frinzy SMILE!

FRIDAY!!!!! It's been a great week, but I sure do love Fridays! Something about knowing that I'm heading into the weekend just makes me smile! Well our family is excited today we are heading out of town to visit Jim's dad this weekend. And also we're meeting up with our youth group from church and going to a stadium-fest Saturday afternoon. Guaranteed to be full of fun, sun/Son & worship!!!
Quick thought from yesterday. A lady in my office and I were talking about another lady who had mentioned a very frightening experience she had yesterday. In the course of her conversation she mentioned how she was glad it happened while it was daylight because she would have really been scared if it was after dark. I told the lady that was sharing the story, "Isn't it funny how we can handle things alot better in the daytime. She said, "Yes it's like the light has a protection field around us." Well, you know exactly what happened to me when she said that..... YEP.. LIGHT-bulb came on. I thought isn't that the perfect illustration of Jesus in our life. Jesus is the light and we feel so much safer and secure in light than we do in the dark. For me that was a God wink moment. Where God gave me a tidbit of logical truth to grab hold of and place in my heart. So the next time the topic of light and dark comes up I'll have a wonderful story to share. Have a fabulous Friday! All 4 HIM, Angela

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