Friday, April 17, 2009

The grill... God's redemption is lasting life.

Hey thanks for dropping by to hang out at the grill. Several years ago God laid on my heart and mind the topic The grill on fire for God's desire. At the time our church didn't have a children's church so I thought, "OK God's trying to tell me something about beginning a children's ministry." For whatever reason at the time the idea stayed pressing on me but the steps to begin moving toward God's direction with that title were not taken. And not long after that idea our church did begin a great children ministry called Kids Korner. I laid my title aside and once in a while over the past several years the thought (The GRILL -on fire for God's desire) would pop back up in my thoughts for what I figured was for no reason. And then over the past several months my heart has been leaning toward starting a family blog. As the desire to do this became stronger all of a sudden there it was again... (The GRILL -on fire for God's desire). Not only the title but also the meaning behind the word GRILL was laid on my heart for the first time. Because see although I could see the idea working I couldn't figure out what the word GRILL would have to do with God, my savior Jesus Christ or His love for everyone in the world. And then today it hit me GRILL -God's redemption is lasting life. That was confirmation for me that I needed to start this thing. Where it will lead only God knows, but I'm on board with it and what better time to start up a grill than as we move into spring & summer. Hope to see you back at the grill!!! all 4 HIM, Angela

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