Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our weekend

Hey Guys,
We had such a great weekend with Jim's dad. He grilled steak Friday night (DELICIOUS!) We met up with our youth group from church on Saturday and headed to B'ham for StadiumFest. It was AWESOME! The kids really loved the BMX bikes. That was pretty amazing stuff! The best part of the event was they gave all the glory for their talent and ability to our Heavenly Father God. Afterwards we headed down onto the football field which was completely covered by white plastic (pretty cool-made me want to walk around barefoot) they had several Christian artist Chris Thomlin, Rush of Fools, & last but definitely not least one of my favorite Jeremy Camp. In between groups they had great motivational speakers like Louie Giglio, Rick Burgess & Bill (Bubba) Bussey. It was just an awesome experience. Alex and I spent over 2 hrs in the line at the concession stand. That wasn't the highlight for us. You know it's funny how when your standing out in the heat in a long line for water that you realize how ironic that can be. Here we were at a great worship event with wonderful speakers and incredible bands and we were behind a building watching 2hrs of it from a big screen tv. There was a point where I felt myself starting to get frustrated with the situation and then I heard someone behind me sounding very aggravated about having to stand in such a long line and I realized that it was that moment that situation that shows our true Christian character. It was easy to lift up my hands and praise and worship God when I was on that white football field standing in front of the stage listening, but what about behind the building in the LONG line waiting.... and I turned and said to my son and to the people around us, "You know this is when our true character is shown." From that point forward through the remainder of that line I was fine. And I shared with Alex that we can worship and sing for God right there in that long line. He laughed and said yeah, besides mom if we hadn't been in this hot slow line for so long we wouldn't have met all these people that we've been talking to for 2 hours. GREAT POINT!!!! So eventually we got to the window ordered the largest drinks they had and 2 packs of skittles and headed back down the hill to enjoy the rest of the event. It was a fabulous time.... even the long line contributed to an evening of fun and laughter. We came back home Sunday night and although we hate to leave from down there with our family it's ALWAYS so wonderful to get back home and sleep in your own bed.
I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too. Thanks for spending time with us here at the GRILL!
All 4 HIM, Angela

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