Monday, May 18, 2009

Laughing in the rain

Hi guys!! It was a great weekend. We had a yard sale and God showed up! Let me explain what happened. All last week it rained. Contrary to what the weather was doing we advertized in the local paper for a 1 day yard sale. And the rest of the week I lifted it up in prayer. See to catch you up with the whole yard sale thing.... we need a new pump for our swimming pool and the yard sale was my idea of coming up with the extra money to get a new pump. That pool is an important part of our family summer fun. So 4:30am Saturday morning Jim and I begin putting everything out in the yard, and Jim put out the yard sale signs. All day it rained all around us. People kept saying we were going to get rained out, but I kept saying maybe not. I've been praying about it and I think God will hold the rain off until the yard sale is over. Well about 1:30pm we went inside the house and as a family we prayed over the yard sale and the money that we had made before I ever counted it. When we counted it we had made just a tiny bit over what the cost of our pool pump will cost..... it wasn't 15minutes after I had announced to the family that we had our pool money made the bottom fell out and we were putting the rest of the yard sale stuff up in the pouring down rain..... I couldn't help but laugh the whole time we were out ther getting soaking wet in the rain. WOW! I had to share that faith story with you. Have a wonderful week. And when you get a chance Laugh in the rain it'll bring out the kid in you!!!
All 4 HIM, Angela

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