Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week of frustration

Have you ever had a week that seems to be trying you on every level? That seems to be how my week is going. It's a short work week with Monday being Memorial Day so we only have 4 days to work. But I feel like these 4 days are stretching like stretch armstrong or a ball of silly putty. Each morning I say ok today will be different I'll go in to work and be positive, be a wonderful witness to the people I work around, and be happy in the midst of chaos. But each day this week has ended the same... with me telling God I'm sorry for letting work get the best of my attitude and that I'll do better tomorrow. Well tomorrow obviously hasn't come yet because my frustrated attitude is still hanging around with me. I'm curious to anyone reading this blog today. What scripture verse(s) helps you get through a rough week? I need some Godly intervention this week to keep me smiling in the aggravating chaos called work. Thanks for stopping by the grill & I hope you have a beautiful day!
All 4 HIM, Angela

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