Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to our GRILL

Hey ya'll. I'm so glad you stopped by. If you had a chance to read my blog from yesterday you'll know this week has been rough. But you know what I realized last night? I've allowed the circumstances of this week to control my attitude. Instead of allowing God to give me peace & joy throughout my circumstances I've spent the whole week with my God on the side and just running crazy with frustration and negative thoughts. I have asked God for his help this week and then not even given him an inch to work his will into my life this week. I've hogged up all the room with my bad attitude and mood. I had a conversation with my aunt last night who is SO excited her oldest child is graduating high school tonight. She's thrilled and wanted to share that with me and to talk about how proud she is of her child and all 3 of her children. In the middle of our conversation she was talking about how she had been crying before she called because of the new chapter her daughter will be starting and then she said, I just had to call Angel (that's what my family call me) because she (me) is ALWAYS happy and in a good mood. I set there listening to her tell me that I'M always in a good happy mood and I realized my personality my attitude is my gift that God has allowed me to have and all this week I've taken that gift of positive happy smiling attitude and shoved it under my kitchen table and put on this horrible angry face and frustrated attitude that is not even me. I thank God for allowing me to see through my aunt how I have chosen the feelings and mood I've been in all week. I've allowed circumstance to control my personality this week and in doing so I've allowed people who count on me to be the happy friendly person that God has allowed me to be to see this ugly side of me that I'm not proud of. I saw a scripture verse this morning through Proverbs 31 devotion (I love those daily devotions) it was Romans 8:37-38 ( In all things we are more than conquerors thru him(God) who loves us. (I'm paraphrasing but check out those 2 verses because realizing that God has me in all situations how can I be so shallow as to think that through bad weeks God can't help me make it through those too.)
Life is filled with divine moments some are awesome and full of God's glory and some are aggravating and made so that we will grow in our knowledge that we need God in and through all circumstances. May your Friday and you weekend be filled with joy and may you and I both remember daily that God never leaves us.
All 4 HIM, Angela

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