Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saddened Gladness

Hey ya'll thanks for taking time to drop by the grill. I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend. We'll be camping all weekend!! I'm thrilled to be going on our 1st camping trip of the season. If you've got a minute let me share my saddened gladness story with you this afternoon. We just found out that in 2 weeks we are loosing our youth Pastor at church. He informed Jim on Tuesday evening and last night He and his wife told the whole youth group. Everyone is very sad to be loosing them. He was offered a full time youth pastor position at a church in Tuscaloosa AL. It's a wonderful opportunity for him, his wife and children. And when they tell the whole story of how it all came about and the different situations that played out during the time they were being offered this position you can tell with out a doubt it's where God is leading them. We are so happy for them but we are sad for us (saddened gladness). Be in prayer for our wonderful youth pastor and his family, and be in prayer for our church and pray for the youth pastor that God willbe bringing to us next.
We love our youth Pastor & his family and they are going to be missed by us all. Thanks for allowing me to mention that to you. Have a safe weekend.
All 4 HIM, Angela

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