Friday, May 1, 2009


Ya'll -
It's Friday again! Comes around every 7 days just like clock work. YEEHAW!!! When I titled today's blog TGIF it hit me "Thank God it's FOREVER." Isn't that just perfect to be thinking on a small scale like thank God it's Friday and God shows up and give you a larger scale of thankfulness. It has been a crazy work day but you know what?, I've been praying for God's guidance and direction all week and just to feel His presence in everything I'm involved in. And amazingly He has answered that prayer all week long and especially today. As wild as this work day has been I have had such a peace about it and things are still getting done even though God is allowing me to be calm and guarded against frustration and chaos.
This week through prayer and also in conversations with people in my life God is showing me that our life is really about FOREVER not FOR RIGHT NOW. Do I have anyone else reading that is like me in this: I'm so bad to worry about FOR RIGHT NOW. I forget to allow God to show me my FOREVER. I mean to say, " if we are only focused on the immediate moment we will usually miss out seeing even a piece of the grand picture. So the next time we are caught up in a moment of concern I challenge you to stop and lift up your prayers to God and allow Him to give you perfect peace as he shows you a greater destiny than just FOR RIGHT NOW. Have a wonderful WEEKEND in our Lord Jesus Christ and remember don't leave home without HIM!!! Also want to mention A dear friend of our's is celebrating his birthday this week so a big SHOUT OUT to Cedric.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we love ya man.
All 4 HIM, Angela

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