Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here's a little secret, I had already typed out a whole blog post and was about to save it when my sweet precious will be 5 yrs old the end of this month, son climbed up on our bed to sit beside me and watch cartoons. So I decided instead of sharing with you what God is doing with me these days I would share some quality family time instead. A wonderful moment can sometimes be sitting on your bed at 9:42pm and watching Big Time Rush with your husband and youngest son and knowing that in about 5 minutes this bed will be full when the other 2 boys realize no one is in the den they'll be in here too.
What a wonderful night in our home.
Thank you God for allowing me to realize this moment. And to anyone who has taken the time to show up at our blogsite the GRILL we are glad you dropped by and wish you a good night.
ps Never leave your bra laying out on your bed you never know when your 4 year old will decide to put it on !! kodak moment.... his dad says NOT!
Sweet blessings,

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