Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week with no kids...

So here is the scoop of what's going on this week: My parents went back to East Tennessee this weekend after being back home all last week. When they left Sunday morning they took some very precious cargo. Three pieces of precious cargo as a matter of fact. Three very rare, very original, very unique, very priceless incredible pieces of precious cargo also known as our children. Now don't get me wrong at the first thought of a week alone just the 2 of us. Jim and I were unbelievable excited. Not because we don't adore and love our children incredibly, but because as every parent knows once your children show up in your lives your alone time with your husband or wife is well somewhere in the leftovers of the day. So this anticipated whole week with my husband I must tell you ladies I was almost gitty, like a first date, or a first kiss.
Then it happened Sunday morning came around and the boys loaded up in my parents car and down the drive they went. Jim and I realized then that we missed them already.
Isn't it funny how you can say that you would love to have a vacation with just your spouse and if it was for a night or weekend I think we would all say YES !! But when you start talking about a whole week ... Do you realize a WHOLE week is 7 days. My stars how is a mom suppose to go 7 days without dirty hands to hug and chocolatey faces to kiss. So here we are my gorgeous husband and I we've made it to Tuesday. So what's the rest of the week hold? We don't know but we do know that it's nice to have alone time and it is extremely important and necessary we also know that a whole week without your kids will drive you crazy. Besides no one can make noise the way our sons do. So as we lay in bed and I come to the close of this blog my friends I say kiss your kids and hug them tight tuck them in and say good night. And remember we should always be greatful to God for the blessing of being parents not just parents but parents to our very own special wonderful precious cargo called our children. Have a wonderful week and if you find yourself having a second or two you might want to say a little prayer for Jim and I to finish up the week and really enjoy our time together. Did I mention we will be picking up the boys on Friday.... Hey that's as long as we could wait.
Sweet blessings,

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