Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday's blog posted on Wednesday

Great Monday morning to you. If your anything like me: hitting the snooze (way too long), jumping out of bed, rushing around getting ready, kissing your spouse and running out the door with barely enough time to make it to work on time... just to realize you need to stop and get gas for your van that is already shining the empty light, you might be asking what makes this a GREAT morning? The answer is simply it's my choice.
What if in life no matter what happens throughout our day we make the choice to smile instead of frown, to be happy instead of aggravated, to say I feel sweetly blessed instead of stinky bad even through the hard stuff. What an incredible encourager we would be. What an inspiration we could be. I believe that attitude is contagious and what better way to share the love of Jesus than with our daily everyday life actions.

Happy Monday guys & gals,

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