Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New and Renewing

Hi ya'll. It's been over a month since I've taken a moment to blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to check in at our "GRILL" today. So today's blog is titled new and renewing.
Let me first say how great it is that the newness of spring is finally showing it's sweet self ever so slowly. I'm ready for warm days and yellow buttercups.
Second I am the very proud aunt-cousin to a brand new beautiful baby girl. Why am I an aunt-cousin? Well I have a niece and nephew that are actually Jim's niece and nephew, but I say they're mine. And since my one and only younger brother has no children I will never have nieces and nephews of my own. So back to this aunt-cousin that I have become. I have a younger cousin who just had her very first baby this past Friday night. And fortunately for me she doesn't mind one bit that I have decided to claim this beautiful baby girl as my niece... i.e. making me her aunt-cousin.
So let me stop here to give a big huge SHOUT OUT to our brand new little precious Gracie Marie. She is our very first baby girl in the family. Remember Jim and I are blessed with 3 boys. So little Gracie is our one and only little girl... at least for now. I have 3 more cousins on that side of my family so I may have LOTS of nieces & nephew-cousins!!
So that's a little NEW information about us. Let's talk about RENEW... can you hang out with me for a few minutes longer? OK then here goes. For sometime now I've been asking God to grow me in my relationship with my husband and with my children. I know what your thinking, uh oh trouble at the Walker house! Nope, no trouble. I won't go as far as to say Jim and I have a perfect marriage, because for one he is married to me and not only am I NOT a perfect person but I am definitely not a perfect wife. But I do think we have a really wonderful and loving marriage. I think we both feel very blessed to have the relationship that we have. So if it's so great why am I praying over it? Because I think one great reason that Jim and I are happily married is because of our relationship with God through Christ. Over the weekend God opened an opportunity to spend some planned special time with Jim, a surprise to him if you will. Now I could have said, "Not now God we've had a busy weekend and I'm just too tired to worry with that." But I chose to say THANK YOU God, for showing me this opportunity to surprise my sweet husband. It was a moment to renew my relationship to him. A moment to say this time is all about you and me. It was a fabulous surprise but it was a surprise just for him. Time for us to share together not as mom and dad but just as husband and wife. What did I get from the time I surrendered for my husband? I got the joy of showing Jim that he is so very important to me. It was time all about him and spending special moments with him. He was surprised but best of all he was so appreciative of the effort I had given in planning our time together. Thank you Lord God for renewing relationships.
So this spring as we begin a new season may we all be encouraged to allow God to renew relationships in our lives..... even already good relationships.
Sweet blessings,

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