Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blind Faith

For years Jim and I went 4-wheeler riding. Whenever we would come up on a hill or something that required most passengers to get off and wait while the driver of the 4-wheeler went acrossed, I would always hold on to him tighter and say, "WHOO-HOO you gotta have BLIND FAITH" He would gas on it and away we would go. No fear, no second thought... I just trusted my husband, closed my eyes and had... blind faith. That was my 4-wheelin' motto you might say. Years later I know I would still hang on behind him with blind faith and ride through whatever was ahead of us. So the question comes to me, "Why don't I have that same BLIND FAITH with my God?" Am I saying I don't trust God? No, but I do have a tendency to hold back and think I need to handle some things on my on. Just in case God's plan and my plan are not on the same terrain. 4-wheelin with my husband did I trust that everything would be alright? Yes! Was it always alright? No. As a matter of fact we have been known to wreck, and on one scary occassion we even flipped our 4-wheeler with me holding on the whole time. God has laid a reality on my heart this week. The reality is in alot of situations instead of having blind faith with my Lord I have bending faith. I sometimes walk beside God instead of hanging on and riding all the way through with him in the driver seat. This past weekend God very urgently laid a situation on my heart. It required having blind (unseen) faith. It required saying yes when I reall wanted to say no. It required trusting God to see me and my family through for the remainder of this week. While my first thought was to wait and handle it at a better more comfortable time. God kept tugging at me. You know when God is working with you it seems like he lines everything up around you as confirmation to give in and allow him to be great and glorious in your life. Sunday morning and Sunday night at church was directed to me. Giving me confirmation that God is in control that he wanted me to trust him, to surrender to his will. To rest in the safety of knowing all I need is to have BLIND FAITH and God will handle the rest. So with that BLIND FAITH I finally gave in to the request God had for me. Not knowing where that would lead me and my family this week I rode on through with God in the driver seat. That was Sunday night. On Monday morning God showed up in a huge way and gave back to me 50 times more than what he required of me. How great is our God ! If you have ever been like me and been known to get off at the first sight of a sticky situation instead of closing your eyes and having blind faith that God will handle it. I encourage you to allow God to grow you in your willingness to give him what is already his.... EVERYTHING.
Sweet blessings,


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