Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Stinky bad or Sweetly blessed"

I am so excited today to have a moment to share my thoughts with you this Thursday. Our first blog post was up on April 17, 2009. Feel free to go back and read that post of how this site originated. When I began this site nearly a year ago I had no idea how God planned to use it. And I still don't know what will come of being obedient to keep this site open. But today I got a wonderful surprise. A person that I have known for many years through my work had called the office. While we were speaking he mentioned that he really enjoyed our blog. That it was very nice; different from alot of other sites you may get into. I had never mentioned our site to this person. He just happened up on our blog site and enjoyed what he read. I realized at that moment that I may never know who visits our site, but I don't have to. God knows who will see these words and how they may impact those people.
Let me share with you a moment from the Walker home. Our middle son woke up in a not so happy mood this morning. As he sleepily makes his way into the bathroom where me and the other 2 boys are all sharing the sink and mirror he falls back on the side of the bathtub. Instantly he says I always have a "stinky bad day." At that moment I looked at him and said if all your days are "stinky bad" you choose them. You are given the same day I'm given and each day comes from God. And since nothing from God is "stinky bad" it's a choice you make. He sat there quietly for about 10 seconds just long enough for his 9 year old sleepy self to rationalize what I had just said and then slowly he got up and started getting ready with a cute little smile on his face. He didn't mention anything more about "stinky bad" so I'm thinking he has decided that regardless of how the day may have started.... remember he tripped and landed on the tub, he has a choice about how it continues.
May your day be sweetly blessed and not stinky bad it's as easy as making up our sleepy little minds. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back soon.
I would love to hear from you. So let me encourage you to leave a comment on our site. If you have prayer needs it would be my humble pleasure to lift you up in prayer.
Sweet blessings,

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