Thursday, January 14, 2010

New year no resolution but new realization.

Thank you very much for stopping by today. As this new year begins my mind has been racing with the typical new year resolutions. However, suddenly I found myself in prayer asking God as this year starts to show me and grow me closer to Him and His will over my life. I'm so excited about the commitment our family began this new year. If you have read my older post from December then you know that we decided to sponser a sweet precious little girl from Ghana Africa. Her picture is on our refridgerator along with other family pictures. When we chose her or should I say when God chose her for us we took her as our own. No we will never probably meet her and yes she has her very on mommy and daddy, but she is part of our family all the same. She is our little girl. Last night during our youth class at church the question was asked to everyone in the room to list all the 10 commandments. WOW what an eye opener we were able to give 9 out of the 10 commandments. Even me!!! You can sometimes understand young adult youths maybe not knowing but you just assume that all adults know the 10 commandments. Even worse than not remembering is that the command we had forgotten is probably the command that we are more likely to break without even realizing we are breaking it. We had left out, "Thou shall make no idols or graven images" I'm paraphrasing of course. When I read that command which by the way is the 2nd command God gave I was stunned that I had forgotten that. Then I realize that so many times I will put things and objects in that idol place in my life. God may lay on my heart to read His Holy Bible and I will set that thought aside to finish watching a TV program. Last night I came to a very important understanding God can and will grow me closer to Him, but He will also allow me to decide how close that relationship is by what I do with His commands, with my time and with my abilities.
May God show me daily where I need to change gears in my thought processing so that my efforts and commitments are based on Him and his commandments over my life.
I'm so glad you took the time to read my thoughts today. And I hope that it has been encouraging to you just as our class was encouraging to me last night.
Love to you,

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