Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Undeserved compliment

Happy Tuesday to anyone that have stopped by the Grill. I'm so glad you have chosen to give me a few minutes of your time. I would be so excited to hear from you today. Leave me a comment if you have a moment.
I'm going to share a wonderful compliment I received today.

I just wanted u to know that i think u have the love of Christ beaming out of u...ur slow to anger, non judgemental, u don't talk ugly about people and u love everyone and find the best in them... ur a beautiful person... it is very intimidating for those of us who struggle with those i think ur very special and i could learn from you!

I am positive this is the most beautiful compliment I could ever be given. I mean it is the type of compliment a woman could live her whole life and never hear. But it was spoken today and to me! What a normal Tuesday to have such a blessing of a compliment to come my way for no special reason at all. And the craziest part is for a brief moment I was basking in the warm fuzzy feeling I had just reading over the compliment from my blackberry phone. It came from a dear friend of mine and I'm convinced my heart was racing with excitement for several seconds at the thought that this compliment was for me. Then it happened... then I realized that this warm fuzzy compliment is undeserved, that I'm not worthy of such beautiful attributes to be spoken about me. What a sour taste for a girl who had racing heart with warm fuzzys. Why can't I just take the compliment, hold it, linger over it, enjoy it, and graciously smile and say thank you. I did say thank you, I did smile through my tear filled eyes, but the reality is this beautiful compliment was not really for me. It's for the person I desire to be. It's for the person I pray God will grow me into, it could be for the very small snip-its of brief short moments that I do allow Jesus to guide me into making the right choice when I really want to make the wrong choice. That compliment was for the me I long to be. Not for the me that I am. I'm so far away from the person the compliment implies that I am. But then. But then Jesus is always with me, dwelling in my heart waiting for me to step aside and let Him move me, mold me, make me who I can be through Him. Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.
So I say with humble heart YES I will hold that compliment deep in my heart and smile, not because of the woman I am but because of the woman I desire to be through my Jesus.
And to my dear friend who chose to share such a wonderful compliment with me today, you are truly a blessing to me. I love you lady and you and your family are so important to all of us at the Walker house.
Thank you for stopping by the grill and sharing with me on this wonderfully normal Tuesday.

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