Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ants in my Plans

A few days ago some very tiny unexpected house guest showed up and took over my little teacup chahuahua's food bowl. The more I try to get them out of my bathroom so little Peyton can eat in peace the more they show up messing up my happy plans. I'm talking about tiny very tiny little sugar ants. And speaking of that, I don't know who decided they were sweet enough to be called sugar, because they are certainly not being sweet to me or my little precious puppy Peyton Bear. So here we are every morning washing out her food bowl hoping that she eats all her food up before those little rascals decide to come take over each day. I've tried everything to divert them from having their on way around my bathroom. I've used straight Pine Sol all over the bathroom floor. This worked GREAT for a few days and then they were back roaming all around doing what they felt like doing. So I have started smearing them right in their tracks when I see them, but it's not realistic that I spend the rest of my life stuck in my bathroom killing sugar ants because they won't take a hint that I don't want them in there. Interesting thing happened to me this morning in the bathroom as I cleaned up Peyton's bowl added fresh food and water and started to get myself ready for work. I saw a tiny sugar ant running around my bathroom sink. But instead of killing it this time my mind began to compare that little tiny ant to me, to us.
What if God saw us as we see little ants? What if God watched from way up high as we like ants run all over His plans? What if God saw us running around doing what we want to do never giving any thought to what God's desires might be for us? When I get honest with myself and with you I am that little sugar ant sometimes. Just doing my thing and not stopping to ask God if I'm on the right track or if my happy plans are lining up with His plans for me. So as my mind started making comparisons between me and this tiny little ant I started thinking how very frustrated this ant makes me and how very frustrated I often must make my God. But unlike me and my smearing ant finger, God doesn't wipe me out when I aggravate Him. I'm thankful because I would have been smeared out a long time ago. No, God sometimes toughly sometimes gently urges and guides me to make better choices and decisions to lead me into his loving plans. Job 34:21 For God watches how people live; He sees everything they do. (NLT).

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