Saturday, November 20, 2010

Date night

Good morning. Thanks for taking a moment to stop by the grill. If you want to leave a comment for me I would be THRILLED with a capital "T". Can I share a love story with you this morning? Jim and I had a date last night! I know what your probably thinking, "We're married, why do we need to go out on a date? We are together everyday." You know what I have discovered? When your married a great amount of your time and energy is geared toward other people and things besides your relationship with your spouse. Let's be honest us moms tend to be in the room but NOT in the conversation alot of time. I mean even when we are with our husbands talking we tend to be thinking about 100 other things. Like dirty laundry, what needs to be taken out of the freezer for dinner, have the kids finished homework, going thru backpacks for the next day, did anyone feed the dog & cat yet, I can't forget to right out lunch money checks, etc. The list of thoughts that run through my head in a day of things I need to take care of could go on and on. Before we know it we are off to bed to get up the next day and start all over. Nothing at all wrong with all of that wonderful mom stuff, but before I realize it sometimes that wonderful man that God has joined me with to be his help mate through life gets the very back burner. Actually somedays he doesn't even fit on the stove at all with all the other priorities on my list. And then... something wonderful happens. A few nights ago Jim and I mentioned having a date night. Here's the catch.. Jim asked that I be with him on this date not only in body but also my mind! My mind? Did he know what he was asking? He was asking me to stop thinking about everything else for 1 night and concentrate on him. What a request. What a sincere, real, need to have some spouse one on one time alone with my wife request. That was an awakening request for me. My man was saying please give me some attention. My wheels got to turning like crazy. "DATE NIGHT !" I made a commitment to myself that last night was going to be all about my handsome husband. No talk about anything or anyone except us. Jim had already made arrangements with Meme to watch the boys all night. "You have to love Memes or you might have a Gran or Grammy or Grandma. They come with different names but they are GREAT!" I dressed up just for my guy. We went out to eat. Let me say it doesn't matter rather the food was good or bad the night was all about us. The conversation was all about us, the mood was all about us, and can I mention here that my mind was completely focused on how gorgeous my husband is. And what a wonderful man I have beside me. I LOVE date night. I encourage any woman reading this to try it. It's well worth the time invested and you might just learn a little more about your husband in process. Happy dating!
With love in Christ,

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